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"...This makeup range is most definitely a labour of love"

Co-developing the range alongside Kim has been a long journey but I have loved every stage- designing the packaging, choosing the colours, testing the formulas, right down to the naming of the products (after friends, family and pets)- this makeup range is most definitely a labour of love.

Millions of women use make-up everyday, I don’t believe the motivation behind this is vanity, more about the confidence you have when you feel good. When I first met Kim, shortly after having my first son Charley, I was suffering really badly from skin pigmentation. The makeup that Kim mixed and created herself alongside her 'less is more' approach to application made me look fresh and natural, like myself again. I wanted more people to have access to this and thought that if we could ‘bottle up’ the confidence that Kim had restored in me then we might be on to something!

It’s my hope that as career women, mothers and with joint experiences both in front of and behind the cameras, Kim and I have created a collection that is really accessible, an uncomplicated yet exciting range that celebrates natural looking beauty. 


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"...developing Wild about Beauty seemed like the perfect joint venture"

Throughout my 25-year career as an international make-up artist and 10 years as a cosmetic product developer for highstreet retails, I have been mixing and combining formulas to get the desired colour, finish and performance to use on models, actresses and myself.

Lou and I met on a RED Magazine cover shoot almost ten years ago, like me she loved a "less is more" style of make-up. As professionals, mothers and women who care for our skin, looks, health and wellbeing, we decided our joint expertise in beauty should be put to use. Our great working relationship and  mutual outlook on cosmetics, beauty and fashion, meant developing Wild about Beauty seemed like the perfect joint venture.

From our initial discussions a vision materialised to create an affordable collection of high performing cosmetic products that offered REAL benefits for your skin. Using the best available ingredients, Wild about Beauty products are paraben free and easy to use - ideal for those who want to feel and look their best but don’t have the time to spend hours on application.


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