10 Sports Bra Fitting Issues & How to Solve Them

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Any active woman knows that a good sports bra is an essential piece of sporting kit. It helps keep the girls under control allowing you to focus on your workout.

We also know that if it doesn’t fit quite right it can ruin a workout. Nothing slows us down more than a poor fitting sports bra (except maybe a shoe blow out!)

Sports bras can fit poorly for several reasons. Maybe it isn’t the right size. Perhaps it has stretched over time. Could it be that the fabric has deteriorated in the wash?

Whatever the reason I am here to help you. Check though my 10 sports bra fitting issues and my associated solutions. Then start your next workout with the support you need and the comfort you deserve.

Problem 1: The Band Feels Too Tight

Your sports bra band should feel snug but not too tight. Most of the support comes from the band so getting it just right is important.

With your sports bra on snugly do the two-finger test. Can you comfortably slide two fingers under the band? If yes, then the band is correct. If not, then the band is too tight.

If there is no allowance in the band to lengthen it, then you will need to go up a back size in your next sports bra. If you have a hook and eye closure at the back, then a bra band extender may do the trick.

Solution: Go up a band size or try a bra band extender.

Problem 2: The Band Rides up at the Back.

This issue can become prevalent when you exercise. Your sports bra may feel fine but as you exercise your band rides up at the back. 

The solution is to tighten the band or go down a band size. If you have a standard hook and eye clasp at the back, there may be space to tighten the band. This often becomes necessary as your sports bra ages and loses its elasticity.

If there is no room to tighten the band it may be time for a new sports bra.

Solution: Tighten band or go down a band size.

Problem 3: Your Breasts Spill Out the Top.

Your cup should not runneth over! You have a problem if your breast tissue spills out the top of your sports bra. All the breast needs to be supported, including your upper breasts.

The obvious solution is to go up a cup size so that all of the breast is contained. This may not be the solution for all styles. For some styles the issue may be the cut of the cup itself. If you look to a different style, consider one that has fuller coverage across the top of the cups to help contain your breast tissue.

Solution: Go up a cup size.

Problem 4: Your Breasts Spill Out the Side

This problem is not as common as top spillage. And usually occurs in women who have breasts that naturally full at the sides or fall outward when unsupported.

If your present sports bra isn’t supporting you at the sides, then your only solution is to try a different style. One that has good side coverage and support. Extra support such as seaming, or boning can help.

Solution: Check for side support, seaming and/or boning.

Problem 5: The Cups Feel Too Roomy

Just like your cups should not flow over, neither should they be too roomy. Your sports bra cups should comfortably contain all of your breast tissue with no gaps or empty pockets in the cups. You do not want your breasts to move around inside the cups.

The solution to this issue is simple, go down a cup size. If this doesn’t fix the issue or causes other issues, then try a different style.

Solution: Go down a cup size.

Problem 6: The Shoulder Straps Dig into Your Shoulders

This problem is more common in those with bigger breasts. The heavier the weight the greater the chance of shoulder straps digging in.

The first thing you should check is that your sports bra band is sufficiently tight. 80% of support comes from the band with the remaining 20% provided by the straps. If the band is not doing its job, then the straps will take up the slack. Also check your straps are not too tight, causing them to dig into your shoulders.

If you still suffer then consider a style that has wider and/or padded straps. This helps cushion and spread the load onto your shoulders. Thus, reducing the chance of your shoulder straps digging in.

Solution: Wear wider, padded straps.

Problem 7: The Shoulder Straps Slip.

There is nothing more annoying than having to constantly pull your shoulder straps up whilst you exercise. It is a common problem and one that is easily fixed.

The first thing you should try is a simple adjustment. Strap length can change due to regular wearing and washing. Check you strap length before every workout. Your straps should be firm but not too tight.

 Poor overall fit can be an issue. Double check the fit and adjustment of your entire sports bra. With everything adjusted, if you still experience slippage, it could be time for a new sports bra.

For your next bra consider a cross-back or racerback style. This will hold the straps onto your shoulders to prevent slippage.

Solution: Check fit or try a cross-back or racerback style.

Problem 8: My Sports Bra Rubs.

The bane of any active women; a sports bra that chafes. Ouch! Common chafing points are under or between the breasts. 

If you experience chafing under the breasts or around the band then double check the fit. A loose-fitting band may move and possibly causes rub. You want your band to be tight but not restrictive. Also, look for a soft, seamfree band to reduce friction. Something that moves moisture away from the skin will also help.

If you suffer from rubbing between your breasts, then try an encapsulation style sports bra. One that holds and separates each breast. This breast separation will reduce the possibility of the breasts rubbing and chafing.

Solution: Check the fit or try a different style.

Problem 9: The Sports Bra Does Not Lie Flat Against my Chest

This problem almost exclusively occurs with underwired sports bras. With a correct fit the ‘gore’ of the sports bra should lie flat against your chest between your breasts. If it, doesn’t you have a problem.

This is usually due to an incorrect cup size. If the cup size it to small, it becomes impossible for the sports bra to lie flat. To big and the underwire can become to wide for your breasts and torso causing it to arch.

Wearing the correct cup size should solve the problem. If it doesn’t try a different style or consider going wirefree.

Solution: Double check your cup size or try a different style.

Problem 10: The Underwire Sits on my Lower Breast.

Number 10 on my list is a surprisingly common problem. It happens when the underwire or lower band of your sports bra sits on top of your breast tissue. The underwire should follow the shape of your breasts and lie flat against your rib cage.

The simple solution to this problem is to go up a cup size. This allows the cup to be big enough to hold all of your breast tissue. If this solution doesn’t work or causes other issues it is worth trying a different style or even, consider going wirefree.

Solution: Go up a cup size or try a different style sports bra.

In Conclusion

Ensuring your sports bra fits well is paramount if you want great support and comfort. If it doesn’t fit well, it won’t perform well, and this can affect you and your performance. Not what we want!

My 10 tips will help ensure you have the best fit for you every time you work out. Us and our sports bras change over time so take the time to do a quick fit test before every workout. This will ensure your workout with the best sports bra support and comfort.

If things just do not fit, then it is time to go shopping. Finding the perfect sports bra size and fit is not easy. Luckily for you, Sports Bras Direct has a wealth of information to assist you.

Finding your perfect sports bra has never been easier!

Amy x

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