11 Proven Recommendations for Smooth Booty Skin This Summer

Summertime presents the perfect opportunity for you to bond with family over a trip to the white sand beaches of Florida and elsewhere.  It’s the ideal season to holiday, bask in the sunshine, and show off your summer body. Plus, there’s hardly a better time to showboat the beautiful bikinis you’ve collected over the months.

However, the scenario may play out very differently, too. You may prefer to spend the whole summer vacationing in the privacy of your room. Or, at best, hit the beach too but shy away from wearing that mischievous lingerie in your box. 

While we understand that some may prefer this conservative approach to summer holidays, it’s noteworthy that most women opt to keep the covers on during summertime for a common reason. A booty that falls below their expectations. A butt with stretch marks, acne, or discolorations.

If you’re one such person, you’re in great luck. We suggest that you start ordering your bikinis and sunscreen as you read: your butt is getting aired this summer! Thanks to the following tested and wholeheartedly trusted tips to gain smooth, charming booty skin before summer arrives – Kim K. may have to watch her backside!

Here we go.

11 Excellent Tips to Gain Smooth Butt This Summertime

1. Get the Appropriate Booty Care Product

The first smart recommendation for developing smoother booty skin would be to find a suitable cream. Other suggestions may not provide optimal solutions without applying a product designed specifically to treat butt sagginess and roughness. 

However, we understand that finding healthy booty care solutions may be challenging these days. Therefore, we advise a proven clinically-approved and organic product. The B-tight Booty Cream is one such solution, but don’t take our word for it.

You may check out this review of Maelys B-Tight according to RewindGuide to make a more guided decision. 

2. Run the Shower After Sweating

”Shower after sweat” seems pretty obvious, but can we be honest? You’ve probably lazed around in your sweaty tank top and leggings following a challenging workout session or after a demanding round of household chores. After all, a day’s sweat wouldn’t hurt.

However, we must point out that keeping on sweaty clothes for long may trigger bacteria growth and spread. Therefore, ingrain the importance of a good shower and scrub after every sweaty activity in your mind.

3. Kick Cellulite Out

This suggestion may sound violent, but, hey, cellulite is the enemy here. Therefore, you have to dry-brush your butt as frequently as you can – as though your life depended on dry-brushing and eliminating cellulite problems. 

To curb cellulite, get a bristle, natural fiber brush and scrub your bum gently but firmly. Your skin has to be dry before dry-brushing; thus, we recommend doing so just before you shower.  Other benefits of dry-brushing (asides from dry skin removal) include skin tightening, cell renewal facilitation, and improved blood circulation.

In other words, busting cellulite may as well reduce booty sag and foster a perky bum.

4. What’s With the Bush?

Don’t get us wrong, curly hair can be tempting in that region, but you definitely aren’t having fun on the beach with hair strands peeking out of your bikini. You’ll only be red hot out of nothing but embarrassment.

As such, a full-body Brazilian wax may be necessary before summertime. However, if having someone yank mercilessly at your nether regions isn’t a turn-on, you may trim off the bum fuzz in the shower. By the way, going clean-shaven is a terrific but arguably not the wisest decision considering the possibility of nicks and cuts down there.

5. Moisturize More Regularly

Moisturizing your butt is an excellent tip to get a softer, fresher bum – much like the rest of your body. However, butt-acne is a common side effect of constantly applying oil to your bum. Therefore, we advise that you stick to oil-free creams and lotions for your soft-booty endeavors. 

Bikini holiday is just by the corner!

6. A Little Beguiling Helps

Innovative makeup application to conceal sagging, discolorations, or stretch marks can inflate your thin confidence this summertime. Here’s how to play like Delilah.

Get a tanning lotion or spray or some bronzer, and prepare to get your butt glitter. Start by rubbing some base all over your booty, such that it coats the bruises, bumps, or stretch marks. Complete your Samson conquest by adding the self-tanning cream along your butt’s crevice.

7. Identify Your Big-butt Diet

It may sound surprising, but there are specific foods that contribute positively (but nearly invariably) to your booty size. They include brown rice, nut, cottage cheese, peanut butter, salmon, flax seeds, and most meats. As such, add more of these meals to your plate if you’d appreciate a rounder and fuller booty to flaunt in the sun’s glow.

On the other hand, you may cut down on these foods if you believe your smooth booty would look better if smaller.

8. Prepare for Period Problems

Backflow occurs during menstruation; therefore, it’s critical to wash thoroughly while on your period. Pads may trigger butt irritation due to friction. If they do, you should quickly embrace tampons. And, fortunately, tampons aren’t a terrible idea as some consider.

9. Be Smart With Your Panties

Except if you’re lap-dancing at home and will be deepening into the cold shower soon enough, you may have to consider other factors apart from your undies style.  Fabric is a significant consideration. Sweaty panties may cause butt rashes; therefore, we suggest a changeover to seamless cotton undies that don’t dig into your crevices.

Making this switch helps to avoid pressure marks on the butt and poor blood circulation in the region. In addition, G-strings and thongs may irritate the skin. Accordingly, it may be best not to wear them too often.

10. Tone  Down Sugar Consumption

Chocolate bars, candy bags, sweetened drinks, and other sugary snacks are great refreshments while binge-watching our favorite shows. Interesting, considering that nearly everyone knows that excessive sugar intake increases body weight and acne breakouts. There’s more to learn.

High sugar level damages your body’s elastin and collagen, two compounds that regulate skin smoothness. Therefore, it’s only a matter of time before binging on sugar causes wrinkles.

One word: flee!

11. Smoothen Your Butt at Home

Did you know there are DIY remedies to improve booty texture and appearance? What’s better? These homemade solutions are simple to make.

Let’s check out some butt-smoothening oils to make in your kitchen.

  • Coconut Oil

Coconut oil offers a comprehensive treatment to every skin problem, a smooth, acne-free butt inclusive. This solution helps regulate sebum secretion, combat bacteria, and soothes inflammation to make for the bikini-perfect booty.

  • Lemon Juice and Glycerin

Glycerin combines well with lemon juice to solve skin issues. Thanks to the latter’s acidic elements and the former’s soothing components. Apply a teaspoonful of the solution to the affected part of your butt regularly for that summer booty.

  • Oatmeal

Oatmeal is an excellent remedy for rough butt skin. Thanks to the exfoliating ability of the rough-textured food. To make this solution, add a turmeric pinch and a yogurt tablespoon to roughly ground oatmeal and mix to create an effective butt scrub.


Summer comes with lots of sunny promises: the glistening sun, brilliant white skies, and beach visits – particularly for the men who want to ogle. And, really, who can blame them? The sight of tanning women and glistening skin appeals to anyone.

Few things make a woman confident, like rocking her smooth booty in the summertime. Watch a lady with glistening butt sashay on the beach or tan her body all day. Keep to the simple yet effective tips discussed above to feel most convenient in your skin.

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