16 Tips for Celebrating Your Anniversary in Style

Every anniversary you have is a milestone. There are different ways of celebrating wedding anniversaries with anniversary gifts for him or her like tangente or even romantic gestures. One way of reaffirming love to each other is doing something special on their wedding anniversary, and this is something many people around the world have found out. Below are some ways couples can celebrate their special day.

1. Waking up before sunrise and sharing the special time with your loved one. Try preparing a simple breakfast, which can be just pastries and fruits, the night before so you can enjoy it in the morning with your partner.

2. Breakfast in bed. If sunrise is not something that you are interested in, then consider staying in bed on this day. You can prepare breakfast with your loved one when going back to bed to eat it. This time is best spent talking, relaxing, and making love. The time you spend in bed with your loved one will help in forming a deeper connection.

3. Planning a special picnic. When going on a picnic for the anniversary, make sure you choose your favorite things to eat, a blanket, and a bottle of champagne, then head out to your favorite spot.

4. Indoor picnic. If your anniversary falls in the winter, then an outdoor picnic doesn’t make sense because of the weather, which means you can improvise and have it on your living room floor. Light a fireplace for ambiance if you happen to have one. Take a blanket then place it on the floor so you can sit on it while having your intimate picnic. The good thing about having a picnic at home is the fact that you don’t have to worry about driving home, and you can drink as much as you want.

5. Planning a romantic dinner. If you enjoyed the meal you had when dating, then try remembering the food so you can recreate it. You can also cook your partner’s favorite food then enjoy the evening with them.

6. Make the bedroom a massage parlor. Light a couple of scented candles, turn off the lights, gather essential massage oils, and play your favorite music. Give your partner a sensual spa treatment from the comfort of your home.

7. Showering together after the massage. Take things to the shower and keep on pampering one another. Get physical and wash each other’s back. You can end the massage with passionate lovemaking in the shower.

8. If you are not a fan of showers, then another option is enjoying a romantic bath filled with bubbles. Open a bottle of champagne and light some candles so you can just remain in each other’s arms.

9. Remember when still dating and spending a lot of time kissing? You can do the same thing you did back then because it brings memories. When you make out for long, especially in public, you will notice that the lovemaking later will be more intimate.

10. Try out new sexual positions because it spices things up, especially when your sex life has become monotonous.

11. Making love outside the bedroom. There are many other rooms in your home where you can have sex. You can make things a little more exciting by making love in the living room or kitchen.

12. Get a romantic board game for your partner, you will most likely find one that suits your styles. Spend your evening playing the games.

13. Going out for a movie and making out. You should look for older movies that don’t attract a lot of people, then enjoy your solitude while watching it. Hold your partner’s hand and kiss them the same way you did when you were dating. This will bring a lot of romance to your special day, even though it sounds a bit corny.

14. Booking a photographer for a romantic shot. You need to create new memories during your anniversary, and photos are great for remembering the special moments in your life.

15. Camping. You will enjoy spending time in nature with your partner. A nice bonfire and stars will make your night special.

16. If either of you doesn’t like camping, then booking a room at your favorite hotel might be a good option. Fill the night with romance they will not forget any time soon. Have rose petals and scented candles in the room. Fill the tub with bubbles before your partner arrives for a night of passion.

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