3 Reasons Why NYC Clinics Offer Coolsculpting

If you’ve heard of Coolsculpting, then you’ve also heard about how amazing it is and how absolutely revolutionary the treatment has been for the beauty industry. The thing about body contouring, is that it’s a very difficult area of cosmetic surgeries and treatments. I mean, how do you get the body to naturally shape itself into something that you find more pleasant?

With Coolsculpting, it turns out that it’s not as hard as most doctors had first thought. Nowadays you can find the treatment all over the country and all across the world. It has become a huge phenomenon in the beauty industry as a whole, which is why Coolsculpting NYC clinics’ new and revolutionary form of body contouring, is one of the most sought after cosmetic treatments out there.

But what’s the point of all this praise, when you don’t exactly know why it’s getting it? Why are NYC clinics especially so quick to jump on the Coolsculpting bandwagon and offer their clients the treatment. Manhattan’s Skinly Aesthetics medical spa and cosmetic clinic had a few answers to this question and a little insight on why the treatment has become a global phenomenon.

1. Nothing Gets Injected, Cut or Burned

Traditional forms of body contouring utilize necrosis, a process in which fat cells are destroyed through artificial means. This could be done through injections, which can burn away select pockets of fat to tone that part of the body, the cutting and pulling them out of the body itself. And while these do sound somewhat gruesome, they are still very much safe and are very effective.

But say you don’t want all that done to you and you want something that won’t cause any extra damage to your body? Well, in that case, your first choice should be Coolsculpting.

Unlike other forms of body contouring and toning, Coolsculpting does not damage your body. It requires no injections or incisions; it is completely non-invasive. The entire procedure is done from the outside of your skin. It successfully gets rid of the fat, without having to come into physical contact with it. Now, why is this such a big deal?

Again, traditional body contouring methods are just as safe as Coolsculpting, but the problem with them is that they do leave side-effects. This is both harder on the clients and on the doctors, who have an extra layer of health concerns to worry about. Keep in mind, as safe as medical practice and technology is nowadays, cutting into someone’s skin or injecting them with a compound, does present its own set of risks. While these risks are pretty small, they are still risks and so medical professionals have to make sure to avoid them as much as possible.

Coolsculpting requires a set of vacuums to be placed on the body, which clamp onto fatty areas and begin pumping a continuous stream of cold air. This cold air then causes the fat cells to enter apoptosis, where they pretty much kill themselves. And after some time, with these fat cells slowly deteriorating away, you’re left with a toned part of the body that was neither cut into or injected.

2. Its Procedure is Super Casual

Ever imagine the kind of pressure that surgeons have to go through when operating? Definitely not the most pleasant sensation to be felt.

Now imagine how much easier cosmetic professionals can feel, when nothing is being cut or injected, and the entirety of the procedure involves the client sitting back and enjoying themselves, by reading a book, watching TV or chatting up with the staff. It’s so much more casual than other forms of body contouring or cosmetic treatments.

For a client, this means around an hour of having to sit patiently, as the Coolsculpting pumps work their magic. Even those clients who worry about the cold because of sensitive skin don’t have much to worry about. You’ve noticed through your experiences in cold temperatures, that our skin is super resilient and adapts to pretty much any condition that we throw ourselves into, including cold temperatures.

After a few minutes of being exposed to the cold, without you even noticing it, your skin goes numb and adapts to the cold temperatures and you feel absolutely nothing as a result. This means that through completely natural means, you make your own painkiller. Not that there is any pain to begin with, but either way, you can pretty much sit back and enjoy yourself while the Coolsculpting equipment does its work.

3. Very Approachable and Reasonably Priced

Expensive treatments are not just a burden on clients who may not have the income to support investing thousands of dollars into cosmetic treatments, but it also means that the demand for that treatment is limited. And while clinics will always have their dedicated clientele who don’t mind forking over a lot of money for cosmetic treatments, it still means that client growth is super limited.

But modern day clinics, thanks to the many improvements in medical technology that have been made throughout the years, means that the prices are nowhere near as steep as you’d think. Nowadays, more people can afford to go in for a Coolsculpting treatment than ever before. This is good for you as a client, since it means that there are more pricing models that can be accessible to you and would fit your budget.

For example, Skinly Aesthetics’ Coolsculpting NYC treatment package is a great choice for individuals from a wide range of economic backgrounds and incomes, making it one of the most accessible choices for anyone looking to get treated with Coolsculpting. You can get into contact with them for more information on what they have to offer.

But that’s only one of the many other examples in NYC alone. You’ll find plenty of clinics who make Coolsculpting very approachable and price it reasonably, so it can reach as many potential clients as possible. Let’s all thank the fact that we live in the days of modern medical practice and technology, that we can afford such privileges.

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