3 Ways Stress Affects Your Skin (And What You Can Do About It)

When you think of your beauty and self-care routine, you probably focus more on how your lifestyle choices and diet can negatively impact your skin and appearance. A lot of people forget that it isn’t just about what you eat or which products you use on your skin. High levels of stress can also have a detrimental effect on your skin and appearance, too.

Here are 3 ways stress can impact your looks and how you can find ways to handle it.

1. A Stressful Job Can Affect Your Sleep

Stress can be inevitable when it comes to your work. However, high amounts of stress due to your job can mean that you aren’t able to get enough beauty sleep. This can result in skin problems such as breakouts, bags and generally tired-looking skin. A lack of sleep is also severely bad for your overall health.

Think about what’s making your job particularly stressful. Is your workload simply too high that you’re rushed off your feet throughout the day with no time for breaks? Is your brain overloaded with information, making you feel anxious about the next working day when you try to sleep?

Take the right steps to relax during the working day. Make sure you’re getting regular breaks as you should to distract your mind and try to relax, even if it’s just ten minutes. A break could even be spent online, checking your phone apps or trying a Canadian online casino — anything to distance yourself from your work and reboot your mind to reduce stress levels.

Overall, make sure that you are getting at least eight hours of sleep.

2. Dehydration Will Cause Dry Skin

Stress and a hectic routine mean that you’re most likely reaching for caffeine instead of water. Stress and feeling overwhelmed can mean you’re letting your healthy dose of at least two liters of water a day slip, which results in your skin being dehydrated, and dry or flaky in appearance.

Be sure to drink the right amount of water every day and carry a bottle around with you or keep one on your desk if it means you’re more likely to remember to stay hydrated. If you have a hectic schedule, consider setting reminders on your phone to stop and take a drink.

3. Stress Increases the Risk of Skin Breakouts

Stress plays havoc with your hormones, which in turn, play havoc with your skin and increase the risk of flare-ups.

Not to mention that when you’re stressed, your more likely to reach for greasy comfort food instead of a healthy snack — which is bad news for your skin.

Try to stick to a healthy eating plan no matter how stressed you’re feeling so that healthy food can help your skin as well as your gut. Tackle bouts of stress by practicing relaxation techniques and mindfulness so that you can hopefully prevent high levels of hormone imbalance and prevent breakouts as much as possible.

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