3 Ways to Make Life While Pregnant Easier

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There is nothing “easy” about being pregnant. It is a joyous and celebratory time for expecting mothers and their families, but let’s face it – not everything about being pregnant will make you smile. You are, quite literally, carrying another developing human being inside you;hat is definitely not easy.

One unfortunate side effect of pregnancy is when your feet swell up so badly that you can no longer fit into your shoes.  Even worse – eventually, you will come to a point where you can’t see or reach your feet, and putting on shoes will become impossible.

Having pregnancy shoes that are comfortable, convenient, and stylish wouldn’t solve every pregnancy problem, but there are three ways they will make pregnant life easier.

Avoid the “Squeeze”

As mentioned, when feet swell up during pregnancy, it can certainly be an uncomfortable situation. You would likely prefer to wear a comfortable sneaker, but good luck trying to bend over, or sit and attempt to adjust your laces for the larger sized feet!

What you need is a hands free sneaker, that you can easily slide on and off while still standing straight up. There are plenty of slip-ons without heels, but that type of shoe is not as supportive for a pregnant woman’s feet. The pregnancy shoe developed by Kizik has a solution. Their patented, collapsible cage technology provides the convenience of a hands free slip-on but the full support of a sneaker.

Kizik recommends to make pregnant life easier – avoid the squeeze! By switching to a hands free shoe, you prevent squeezing that baby bump and your fingers trying to fix a smooshed down heel. You will never have to put in an effort to put on your shoes again.

Convenience For Your Busy Life

In addition to the beauty of childbirth, another precious commodity of ours is time. A few minutes to put on a pair of shoes may not seem like a big thing in comparison with everything we do in our day. Struggling with something or having to twist your body uncomfortably while pregnant does more than take away your precious time – it also takes away energy!

That type of effort should be saved for more important life tasks, not putting on your shoes. One user of Kizik pregnancy shoes said that trying to put on her shoes before was “exhausting.” Who wants to be tired after putting on their shoes?

The need for an easy way to simply and safely slide on a sneaker for a quick walk to the mailbox, or if you need to get out the door very quickly does not end after your pregnancy does. As a new mom your schedule will be more hectic than ever, meaning you will need every minute you have, and that time should not be spent on putting on your shoes. (Pregnant or not).

Eliminating this problem with the slide on pregnancy sneaker goes a long way in making life easier and more convenient when pregnant.

Styles That Stay With You

The months you spend pregnant will seem to pass quickly. Before you know it, you’re a new mom (or a mom, again), and your life is never the same in the best way possible. That doesn’t change the reality that you’re still you – and you still need to wear shoes.

One issue with pregnancy products like shoes and clothes, is that most of the time they only work for the duration of the pregnancy. Preparing for a new addition to the home is difficult, and expensive. It is important that a pregnant mom can utilize an important purchase such as shoes longer than just a few months.

Mothers who tried hands free pregnancy shoes like the ones made by Kizik, spoke to enjoying them long after their babies arrived. The need for a stylish shoe that doesn’t scream “pregnancy shoes” will still be there even when the kids are grown!

Kizik slide on sneakers come in over 30 styles and colors, which allow your style to stay on trend before, during, and after your pregnancy.  In addition, each shoe undergoes a rigorous 100K compression tests to ensure each pair is of the highest quality and durability. At least having a great pair of sneakers and completing your outfit will make pregnancy (and post-pregnancy) life a little easier.

There is nothing more difficult than raising a child. As an expecting mother, you need comfort, convenience, and to feel like your stylish self at all times. With a pregnancy shoe like the ones made by Kizik, you can relax and know that your footwear problems are solved.

Kick uncomfortable, unstylish footwear to the curb, and pregnancy shoes will make your life a little easier in these three ways.

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