4 Fascinating Facts About Face Lifts

Cosmetic surgery has made some great advances over the last few decades. People who would have never thought about this solution are not considering the idea of Calgary face lifts for the first time. If you are wondering what this type of procedure would do for you, schedule a consultation with a surgeon. During the visit, you may learn these four facts along with a few more.

The First Modern Face Lift Happened More Than a Century Ago

Face lifts have been around a lot longer than most people realize. The first modern face lifts took place in 1901. Those basically involved stretching and removing excess skin to achieve a smoother appearance. While crude in comparison to the face lifts of today that also address the muscles under the skin, they proved popular at the time.

No Two Face Lifts Are Exactly Alike

Some people think there’s one basic face lift procedure that works equally well for everyone. That’s not the case. As you’ll learn during the consultation, a number of factors impact how the surgeon will go about conducting the face lift. Factors such as age, amount of wrinkling, facial contours, and even the elasticity of the skin will need to be considered. There’s also the possibility that you may need another procedure to go along with a basic face lift. There are also different variations of facelifts like Silhouette Soft Thread Lifts performed by Skin Excellence Clinic.

You May Need a Face Lift, a Brow Lift, and a Nose Job

Technically, the face lift is focused on the bottom 2/3 of the face. That means you may need one or two other procedures in order to achieve the best results. There may be the need to involve a rhinoplasty surgeon is you want to make some changes in the shape or size of the nose. Taking care of a wrinkled brow could involve arranging for a brow lift.

The cosmetic surgeon will help you create a plan to take care of all the work that you want done. Keep in mind that it may not be practical or in your best interests to have everything done at one time.

Face Lifts Are More Affordable Than Most People Realize

It’s true that face lifts were once considered something that only the rich could afford. Fortunately, they are not as expensive as in the past. It’s possible for someone who earns a middle-class income to afford this type of procedure.

Keep in mind that while your health insurance is not likely to cover any of the cost unless it’s associated with reconstructive surgery after an accident, there are ways to finance the face lift. A number of lenders offer medical loans that are ideal for this purpose. The loan would allow you to pay for the procedure now and then retire the debt using a series of installment payments.

What do you think about the idea of a face lift? If you’re not seeing the results that you want from injections and different types of topical solutions, it never hurts to talk with a surgeon. Schedule a consultation and find out what can be done. If you are a candidate for a procedure and your expectations are in line with what the surgeon believes can be achieved, go ahead and schedule the surgery.

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