4 Types Of Bag Every Woman Should Have In Her Closet

There are a lot of different approaches to fashion, for every clothes horse who can’t resist the latest trends, there’s a growing number of women who are seeking to pare down their wardrobes. Ditching impractical pieces and items that don’t see much wear, these women are crafting capsule wardrobes in which all the elements can be easily mixed and matched. This simplification doesn’t mean capsule wardrobes only have one of every item, though. Rather, a great capsule wardrobe makes it easy to assemble exactly the pieces you need each and every day, and that often means having exactly the right variety.

If you’ve been putting together a capsule wardrobe, one element you can’t afford to overlook are the bags you choose to include. Every woman should have these 4 essential pieces, ensuring you’ll have the right piece for any occasion.

An Elegant Clutch

A clutch may not seem like a particularly practical choice when putting together a capsule wardrobe, you have to take the long view. That means ensuring that you have the right pieces for a special occasion, not just for the day to day. Pick an understated, evening clutch in a solid color to go with whatever date night or black tie pieces you’ve opted to include.

A Basic Crossbody

A crossbody bag will see you through everyday errands, like trips to the pharmacy, or on a daytime outing with friends, so this piece should be a top priority when assembling your capsule wardrobe. While there are a number of options available, but you’ll want one that will be sturdy and can pair with a wide range of outfits, so opt for a quality leather crossbody bag that can handle your wallet, phone and charger, makeup bag, and other daily essentials. How big, how many pockets, and other details are up to you and your function and style preferences.

A Trusty Backpack

Some people don’t think adults should carry backpacks, but if you live in a city, travel a lot, or just appreciate practicality, then you really can’t go wrong with a backpack – and it doesn’t have to look like the kind you carried to school as a teen, either. There are plenty of simple and stylish backpacks that are ideal for the busy woman on the move. Especially if you’re hauling around a laptop or a change of clothes, a backpack is just the obvious choice.

A Mighty Market Bag

A market bag is the final must-have bag in your capsule wardrobe. This is the bag you’ll want for shorter outings when you know you’ll be carrying a lot of things, but not for very long. Also sometimes called hobo bags, these bags were hugely popular for a period in the mid-2000s, when suddenly everyone was carrying them on a daily basis, but now they’re considered much more purpose-driven. Much like a clutch, you won’t need this every day, but it’s still essential.

At the end of the day, what pieces you include in your capsule wardrobe are up to you, but given the importance of bags from a functional perspective, you don’t want to eliminate too many. Think about what items you typically, how you would feel if you didn’t have them, and how they fit into the wardrobe you’re building. By thinking through these concerns, you’ll figure out exactly what you need.

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