5 Skin Care Tips that are Perfect for Tweens

The tween stage is an awkward stage for early adolescents. There are lesser preferences to complement their choices in dress, shoes, and accessories. And this comes true with makeup or skincare. Unlike adults and young adults, tweens find it a little challenging to look for specially formulated products and appropriate for their skin age. Nevertheless, they can still maintain the youthful glow of their skin by doing these skincare tips.

Cleanse and Moisturize

Cleansing and moisturizing are the two primary and simple steps to do. Cleansing is the first step among all skincare routines done during daytime and nighttime. It removes the dirt and pollutants that accumulate on your skin during the day. It also removes excess oils on the surface of your skin. All these dirt and pollutants will cause skin breakout, skin aging, and dehydration if not removed.

Similarly, moisturize your skin using the best tween skincare products. Moisturizing your skin will reduce extreme skin dryness and oiliness. Apply moisturizer every after shower to restore your skin moisture. When you are exposed to the sun during your daily activities or even in indirect sunlight, be sure to wear moisturizer with sunscreen protection.

Use Natural Skin Care Products

Be conscious about the products you apply to your skin. Skin is the most absorbent organ of the body, which does dermal absorption, wherein it absorbs chemical substances from the outer surface into the body. Therefore, anything that you apply to your skin will be absorbed by it. So, apply safer products using natural skincare products. 

A natural skincare product uses natural ingredients which are safer to use than synthetic ones. By using natural products, you are essentially avoiding adverse effects on your skin, body, and, ultimately, your health.

Healthy Habits

Healthy habits are equally important as any skin care regimen or using any skincare product, and without healthy habits, everything is useless. Aside from the healthy skin that you get, you will also develop discipline in the process.

  • Take off makeup before bed: Your skin regenerates quickly at night and undergoes much of the restoration process during sleep. So it is essential to remove makeup before bed to avoid pores clogging and allow smooth blood flow in your cells.
  • Don’t share makeups: Bacteria can grow in makeups, especially those that are used already for a more extended period. And these bacteria can potentially cause harm and contamination to the product, which may also cause harm to the user. Thus, to avoid transferring these contaminants, use your makeup and never share them with anyone, and never share from anyone.
  • Wash off your makeup before doing physical or strenuous activities: Sweating will cause pores blockage. Thus it is essential to wash off your makeup when doing  physical, strenuous and sweat-inducing activities. It will prevent clogging of unwanted chemicals when you sweat.
  • Treat Acne: Treat acne at the onset to prevent progressing into whiteheads, blackheads, and pimples. Use safe dermatological products that are appropriate to your skin age and skin type. 
  • Don’t prick pimples: When you prick your pimples, you expose your deeper skin to the risk of bacteria penetrating the skin. Pricking will puncture your outer skin, thus allowing the gunk to discharge and cause more pimples.

Healthy Diets

Be kind to your skin like you do to your body. Eat healthy diets that give essential nutrients to your skin. For example, eat minimum portions of fruits and vegetables, especially those antioxidant-rich foods. It gives you radiant skin and helps heal blemishes fast. Also, include in your diet foods rich in Vitamin E; this will fight the free radicals and help reduce UV damage to your skin.

Water is also part of your essential intake. Drink six-eight glasses of water per day to keep you hydrated and retain the moisture of your skin.

Do Not Smoke

Smoking is linked to many illnesses, and one of them is the damage it causes to the skin. Smoking increases the number of infections and causes a delay in wound healing. It also causes many other skin disorders; among them are psoriasis and premature aging. It also causes oxidative stress that makes insufficient oxygen supply to the skin.

In addition, many inflammatory skin diseases severely affect smokers more than non-smokers. Also, smoking causes dry skin, deeper facial wrinkles, and unbalanced pigmentation. Effects of smoking also include:

  • The production of free radicals
  • The gradual narrowing of blood vessels
  • A reduced level of vitamin A in the skin

These are results from the breakdown of the skin’s elastic fibers as a result of smoking. 


Skin needs essential care and pampering like any other organ in the body. But, for long-term health benefits, you must start your proper skincare from the tween stage and even earlier. Use the skin care tips listed above to achieve healthy and glowing skin as you age. And most of all, never forget to use only natural and safe products for your skin.

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