5 Tips for Choosing the Correct Hair Extensions

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From the beginning of 2022, long and luscious hair has been on-trend. Celebrities have styled their hair in long ponytails, awesome braids, and long curly hair

Growing and maintaining long hair can be quite a struggle. You have to use the correct hair products, but you also have to apply various hair masks to improve the health of your hair. All in all, only a conscientious person can maintain their long hair.

Many people turn toward discreet and undetectable hair extensions to attain the long hair look without putting days and months of care into it. Hair extensions are the more accessible and fastest way of styling your hair to look on-trend.

If you are looking to buy hair extensions for yourself, here are five tips that will help to make your hair extensions look like natural hair.

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Choose Remy

The term ‘Remy’ in the hair business refers to the hair that has its cuticles intact. These are the hairs that are chopped off the seller’s head and preserved by the dealer to reduce any tangling and hair loss. These cuticles go in the same direction, which makes them less susceptible to getting tangled.

The more exclusive and expensive choice is Virgin-Remy. The term ‘non-Remy’ is used for the type of hair that is processed to remove the cuticles from the hair because the cuticles do not flow in the same direction and may get tangled. As the name suggests, these hairs have never been processed or bleached.

Many people opt for Remy hair as they do not have the sheen that the processed non-Remy hair has. To obtain a natural look, you may want to pick Remyi hair extensions.

Match the Colour

To make your hair blend into the hair extensions, you may want to choose the hair extensions that are the same colour as your natural hair. To match the colour exactly, you may want to shop in person rather than online, but if for convenience you choose an online medium for shopping, you may buy from a store that has a good return policy.

Get the Undertone Right

In matching the hair colour of one’s extensions, one also needs to be aware of the undertone of the hair. If you are blond, do not just select blond. There are various shades of blond. To check the undertone of your hair, judge your hair in the sunlight. The colour of the shine may reveal the undertone of your hair.

Go with a similar Hair Type

Select the matching type of your hair. There are 12 types of hair, 1a, 1b, 1c, 2a, 2b, 2c…4c. These numbers of hair types describe the main look of the hair, and the alphabetic variations describe the strength of that type.

For instance, you may have straight hair but check for natural dents in some spots to specify the type. You may have 1b type of hair if dents or slight curves are present.

Blend Well

To blend the extensions with your hair, you may wear your extensions while getting a haircut at the salon. For an even and seamless result, use a hair straightener or curler after wearing the extensions. Also, remember the spot where you connect your hair extensions.

Make sure you match the extensions perfectly with your natural hair colour and texture to make them look original. To attain optimum similarity, you may dye your extensions the same colour as your hair.

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