5 Tips for Healthy Travel – Ultimate Guide by AjKenyaSafaris.com

Traveling for pleasure or business can be an exciting part of life. You get to meet new people, experience new cultures, and take in new attractions and sites. However, if done the wrong way, traveling can derail your fitness and health regime. You can slowly fall into the circle of little exercise and high-calorie meals because “you are on vacation”. 

You can change all that and enjoy a healthy adventure with some smart packing, little research, and a bit of prioritizing. In this article, James Gathereu, the safari director for AjKenyasafaris.com and Masaimarasafari.in, Nairobi Based Travel agencies, shares five tips for healthy travel are a sure bet of keeping you in top condition while on the move and when you arrive at your destination.  

1. Think Water First 

Drinking water is always good for your health, whether you are traveling or not. It should be a crucial part of your travel, especially when you are on the airplane because of reduced humidity. 

Your body also tries to acclimate to the new environment, and between enjoying your trip and finding your way around, you might forget to take water. Dehydration can lead to several problems like fatigue, headaches, hunger, and others.

Here are things you can do to remain hydrated:

  • Drink Lots of water Before Departing: One way to guarantee hydration when traveling is to take a lot of water one day before you depart. 
  • Drink Hot Tea: Hot tea made of boiled water can keep you hydrated and avoid diarrhea that often arises when travelers take iced tea.
  • Purify Your Water: You might not have the means to purify your water when on the move, but you can always find places to buy bottled one.  
  • Take Enough Water: Take about 250 milliliters of water per hour when flying and 1.2 liters per day when you reach your destination. You can take up to 3.0 liters per day in a hot climate.
  • Avoid the Sun: It might be hard to avoid the sun if you are a pleasure traveler, but this can prevent you from losing water through sweating. 
  • Eat Salads and Fruits: They are good sources of water that can keep your body hydrated while on the move.

2. Avoid Germs 

Most infectious bacteria and viruses are transmitted when someone touches a contaminated surface. Simply touching those areas and then touching your mouth, nose, ears, and eyes can get you sick. 

Do these things to ensure you do not get sick from germs: 

  • Wash Your Hands Regularly: The most straightforward way to guarantee your health is to wash your hands with running water and soap regularly for about 40 seconds. Do that when you get off the plane and when you reach and leave various sites.
  • Use Hand Sanitizers: You might not have the means to wash your hands regularly, and that is where sanitizers come in handy. Sanitize your hands after touching TV remotes, magazines, doorknobs, and other things. 
  • Avoid Touching Your Face: It is also advisable to keep your hands off your face even if you wash them regularly. 
  • Be Healthy: You can give your immune system a chance to fight the pesky germs by taking care of your body before departure day. That can include taking vitamins, eating healthy, taking probiotics, and getting enough sleep. 
  • Avoid Bathroom: Try to avoid airplane bathrooms because they are the sources of most infectious bacteria and viruses, especially the flush button. 
  • Wear a Mask: Another way you can prevent germs is to wear a mask that covers your mouth and nose. Wear it when on the plane, outside your hotel room, in a conference room, or when visiting a site. 

3. Get the Flu and Other Vaccines 

The effective method to prevent catching and to spread the flu is to get vaccinated before you leave your country. It is an injection that helps to boost your immune system to give your body a chance to fight viruses. 

The shot takes 14 days to offer protection, meaning that you should see your doctor at least 2-weeks before your trip day. You can even get vaccinated at your local pharmacy.

There are other types of vaccines that can protect you from other diseases like Yellow Fever, Typhoid Fever, Cholera, Traveler’s Diarrhea, Hepatitis A, and Hepatitis B.

4. Get Enough Sleep

Insufficient sleep can increase the possibility of getting sick while on the move, as it makes your immune weak. Get up to eight hours of sleep the day before you start your journey and follow a regular sleep pattern while on your safari. 

Here are things you can do to achieve the 8-hour sleep pattern:

  • Keep the Room Cool: It can be hard to catch sleep in an unfamiliar environment if the conditions are hot. 
  • Plan a Relaxed Travel Itinerary: If you pack multiple activities within a limited time, chances are you will find yourself rushing and stressed and your sleep pattern will be adversely affected. Plan to stay at least 1 night in each destination. If you are thinking game drives in Africa, plan ahead and spend at least 10 days. Here is a nicely paced, kenya safari itinerary that allows you to explore the beauty of Africa at a relaxed pace. 
  • Reduce Coffee and Alcohol Intake: These are two beverages that deprive you of sleep and dehydrate your body.   
  • Keep Away Electrical Devices: Switch your smart devices off or place them on the table one hour before you go to sleep. 
  • Carry Earplugs and Eye Mask: They can prevent the outside noise and light that can prevent you from having a good night’s sleep.
  • Eat Healthy Foods

You can avoid the unhealthy, greasy, process junk foods when traveling by packing your snacks and meals. That way, you can be sure what goes into your mouth and prevent wasting money on food that is disgusting in taste. 

Alternatively, do thorough research to know the types of food present in the destination you wish to travel. Find a health food store/grocery store, where you can get fresh fruits, vegetables, and other stuff for cooking. 

Here are tips you can follow:

  • Try to eat from restaurants that offer healthy foods and ones where locals dine – you can have the confidence the meals are fresh due to high turnovers. 
  • Check out food travel rules before you reach the airport. 

In Conclusion 

Traveling makes it impossible to follow a fitness regimen or any diet plan. You can easily find yourself sick when you leave your country, but you can prevent that by following the above healthy travel tips. Visit Masaimarasafari.in and start planning your vacation to Africa.

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