5 tricks to get long and beautiful hair

Each of us dreams of beautiful and long hair, but what can we do to make it grow faster and healthy? Here are some proven tips and tricks!

Is it your dream to have long hair and you’ve been trying to grow it for years, but you can’t do it? Perhaps the problem is that you only focus on hair length and completely forget about the condition of your hair. So here’s what you should do to have beautiful, healthy, long hair like the covers of a beauty magazine:

Cut the ends

This rule may seem contradictory to the topic of the article, but the fact is that systematic undercutting of damaged ends perfectly affects the condition of the hair and healthy hair grows faster! So remember to visit your hairdresser regularly or trim your ends at home about every 3 months.

Natural oils

If you are interested in hair-related topics, you have certainly heard more than once about the power of natural oils. Most of them have a beneficial effect on hair health and make it stronger and shinier. Some of the oils also help to accelerate hair growth. It is worth asking about such oils in stores with natural cosmetics. The best are those from India, Egypt or Morocco.

Proper brushing

You should brush your hair at least twice a day – morning and evening. While brushing, also drive the brush over your scalp to stimulate blood circulation. Buy yourself an antistatic brush or one made of natural materials. Also remember never to brush wet hair, as it is more susceptible to breakage.

Scalp massage

When washing your hair or applying conditioner or oils you should perform a scalp massage that stimulates the hair follicles. Massage your head for about 5-10 minutes and you will see the effects quickly! It is also a great way to relax.

White mask

Eggs have been a well-known and valued element in hair care for centuries. To prepare the protein mask, separate the proteins from the yolks and apply the proteins to your hair. Leave them on your head for about 15 minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water. Your hair will become shiny, stronger and grow faster.

Beautiful hair looks is not only a perfect fit. It is also a healthy, shiny surface, which can be obtained by using a shiny preparation. This cosmetic is available in the form of a spray that does not weigh down the hair, so it can be used even for thin, fine or oily hair. Manufacturers of hair styling products offer thoughtful formulas enriched with nutrients that moisturize the hair and protect it from the negative influence of external factors.

If you don’t want to wait until your hair grows, it is worth trying out human hair extensions that will give you long, thick and shiny hair in a few hours. Viola Hair Extensions also offer hair weave extensions and nano tip hair extensions.

 With these tips you will have long and healthy hair. Will you try it?

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