6 Lip colors that are perfect for spring 2020

Spring is around and it’s time to switch out dark shades and get fresh makeup looks. We have gathered some unique colors which will be seen on everyone’s lips in spring 2020. You can choose them according to your taste and outfits. Let’s discuss these 6 trendy lip colors to make out your masterpiece.

1. Go Nude

The nude lip color is a great mix of classic and modern makeup look. The most important thing about nude lip color is its ability to provide great coverage. This subtle, simple and elegant color makes your face look more attractive. Nude lip color is perfect for any hairstyle or outfit. Baby pink color enhances the innocence of your face. The wide range of nude lip colors is available in the market so you can get it from anywhere. Highlighting the best features of your face is the hidden beauty of these colors. If you want a unique look, you must try neutral lip shades.

2. Rocking Red

Rocking red is an emerging trend in 2020. If you have a light skin tone, this magical color will change your entire appearance. You can easily get this lip color from any brand. Bold and bright red lip color gives you a hot makeup look. It is obvious when you look beautiful, you become more confident and rocking red color plays an important role to enhance your beauty. The Peripera lip tint can be your first choice to take your beauty to the next level. You can adopt a classic vintage look by wearing a white dress and applying this wonderful color to your lips. As we all know, rocking red never fades. If you want to be the center of attraction in this spring season, get this amazing lip color.

3. Wine & Violet

This lip color can be used to adopt a unique look. It makes you beautiful differently. The wine and violet lip color can be paired with floral short frock to make the fashion statement. This unique makeup look will never go out of style. You can also get the look for an evening party in spring 2020. Grab this color to make you stand out from the crowd.

4. Coral

No one can deny the beauty of this color. Coral is the best combination of pink and orange colors which makes your face more attractive. Although the lip color is suitable for all seasons, it is a perfect combination with the spring. Pair it with a lime yellow top to get a daisy look. The color can be a perfect option for those who think that a red lip color makes them look dark. If you want to make your lips bold, use salmon or peach shades inside the coral. The amazing color allows you to get a wow look without making much effort. So paint the town coral with this beautiful makeup look.

5. Metallic

The wonderful lip color is perfect for fearless and flirty babe. It was a killer trend in 2019 and still, it can be seen in top fashion shows. Metallic lip color gives light finish on your lips. You have multiple options in metallic colors such as purple, red, pink, rose gold and many more. Choose the metallic color according to your outfit color and polish your makeup look in spring 2020. Get a fabulous makeup look with this trendy color.

6. Pink and baby pink

Pink lip color is evergreen fashion. If you are conscious about the no-makeup look, this color is for you. You can wear lip color in your daily routine. No matter if you are student or a professional, it can be part of your daily makeup routine. It is equally suitable for school going girls. You have multiple options to enhance your natural beauty by using pink in different ways such as hot pink, classic pink or nude pink. Make your spring season more natural. You can easily get this trendy color from any retail store without investing much money.

Spring is a season of fresh colors and the above-mentioned lip colors can make it more colorful. So what are you waiting for? Get the one that suits you the most and change your entire appearance.

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