6 Tips To Prevent Wrinkles While You Sleep

There are a lot of ways to get wrinkles, and they’re often tough to prevent. One straightforward way to avoid the signs of aging is to get quality sleep, though. Foremost among sleep-related tips is to find your perfect sleep setup, starting with finding the best mattress online

Choose the Right Pillow

Sourcing a pillow that lets air flow easily through it can make a big difference. Too many of us are using denser pillows that suffocate and squash our skin as we sleep. The lighter and airier ones are far preferable if you’re after healthier skin. 

The variety and scope of pillow choices available is nearly infinite, but there are some options with this specific issue in mind. It could mean a significant improvement for you and the youthfulness of your skin, so it’s worth a little extra hassle. 

Fabric Choice

Your pillowcase also matters. Certain fabrics have a tendency to snag and pull the skin during sleep, and we likely don’t even notice! Finding a sheer fabric for your pillowcase can be really beneficial here. 

It might end up costing a tad more, but for many women, Egyptian cotton works beautifully. It’s also so soft that you’ll want to press it against yourself all the time! Since we’re only talking about pillowcases here, it needn’t break the bank either. 

Consider a Sleep Mask

If you want to limit your direct contact with your pillow, a sleep mask may be the way to go. You can find them in many different fabrics, colors, and designs. There will be something out there that will suit you perfectly, while also benefiting your skin. 


Night Creams

A night cream is essentially a heavy cream moisturizer that is designed specifically for wearing overnight. Some of these contain a substance called hyaluronic acid, which has been shown to plump up and soften our skins. Go for one of those! 


Using creams that contain retinol has been proven to reduce wrinkles. Using these kinds of creams before and after sleeping can drastically reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Creams of this kind can be used in conjunction with other skincare items too. 

Try to Sleep on Your Back

It’s a big ask for some folks, but sleeping on your back works wonders. It eliminates any squashing and rubbing against the fabrics of your bedding and thereby noticeably reduces the occurrence of wrinkles. 

It won’t be practical for everyone since many of us are side sleepers, tummy sleepers, or even nighttime wrigglers! There are certain pillow types that encourage sleeping on your back, so if you aren’t likely to be able to sleep this way, they may help you.  

Final Thoughts

Wrinkles are public enemy number one in many women’s lives, so it’s handy that there are a few simple solutions. The problem can be approached in several ways at once to help retain that smoother and livelier appearance. 

Limiting your face’s harsh contact with fabric as you sleep is a primary focus, and the secondary tactic is to use the right creams for your specific skin type. Combining these into a holistic strategy can produce the results you’re after. 

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