7 Creative Ways to Throw a Virtual Birthday Party

Try not to get used with virtual parties. We know nothing can ever compare to actually clinking of tequila shots in person, but yes, it’s possible to bash a party online. All you need to do is to use your imagination and get a bit creative.

Admittedly, it helps to plan things in advance like you usually do, but we guess that’s why you are here.

Birthday parties are special. Not only do they mark the passing of another magnificent trip around the sun, but they’re also one of the best ways to gather those you love the most for the festive goodies, fanciful cocktails, and décor your heart desires. But obviously, this year is different. Amid social distancing, gatherings, both large and small, have been postponed, leaving many parents, friends, partners – to celebrate at home.

While you may not be able to throw the bash you wanted, there’s no reason to overlook the festivities altogether. If you or someone you love has a celebration coming up, consider one of these online birthday party ideas you can do at home. From sending presents and delivering champagne to hosting a Zoom party, there are plenty of ways to make your girl or boy feel special. With that in mind, when this pandemic will end- and it will definitely end- you’ll have every excuse in the world to throw the craziest party of your lives.

1. Pick a theme

Just think about it, a Zoom birthday party isn’t much different from a real-life party. There are a few benefits that come along. You don’t have to clean out after someone, only after you and you don’t even have to cook that much. You do what you want with what you have within your reach, or even better, order all you need.

When it comes to a birthday party theme, things aren’t that difficult as you imagine. With a laptop aimed toward a room, your friends and family will be able to appreciate the party theme you’ve wanted. The best part? It can be anything. From a trip to Mars to a stylish tea party, it’ll be like you’re sitting there enjoying the moment with your gang. To make sure you’ve got everything set, let everyone know about the theme and propose them to set their Zoom backgrounds as they should, or if you’re thinking about a costume party, don’t forget to send those ideas in advance.

2. Make a thoughtful guest list

If you usually don’t enjoy the hordes of people or you simply get overwhelmed in a large social setting, try to keep your birthday group small. If you usually prefer to celebrate with only family, do that.

If your little one has a birthday and you know they’ll want to see all their friends, then the more participants, the merrier!

3. Put Up Decorations

In this case, decorations should not really be a hassle. Sure, you can always set out the most festive Zoom background, but there are many who still enjoy the real deal when it comes to decorations.

Rule number one? Go bananas with kaleidoscopic balloons, birthday ribbons, and all kinds of banners. As long as it makes you and your friends cheers, anything goes. Research has shown that cheerful, vivid colors can do wonders for your mood.

4. Make A Cake

It doesn’t matter if you’re flying a solo birthday party, cakes are still a must. What we’re trying to say is that you should totally make yourself the fanciest birthday party cake. You can also throw a sweet party with your friends to savor together various desserts over video chat. Sweet parties will never get old, and it’s perfect for any age. Today, birthday ice cream cakes can be a delicious addition for this occasion.

5. Virtually Paint Together

Painting, as many studies suggest, can boost your mood and even reduce pain. Where to start? Seek a local studio that hosts a paint night via Zoom or host one for your gang with kits, and everyone can do together.

If you’re thinking about a fully DIY version, choose an object – it can be your dog, a birthday cake – and have everyone doddle the exact same object. As you sip champagne, doodle, and chat, everyone positions their canvas away from their laptops. When everyone is set and ready, turn your masterpieces around at the same time for the big reveal. It will be fun to see everyone’s perspective on the same artwork.

6. Have a Dance Party

Dance, dance, and dance again! Social distancing should not dictate you when and how to move. Exercise, in this case, dancing, has been confirmed to lessen the effects of depression and anxiety. In that spirit, we believe a dancing party is more than necessary these days.

Set your playlist, set your laptop, hang a disco ball, or whatever lightning installation you have around. When everyone’s on mute, don’t forget to share your audio so everyone can dance along. Also, you can share YouTube dancing videos together through the shared-screen option, to learn the moves to some of your favorite music videos.

7. Host a Talent Show

Hosting a talent show at your birthday can be a great idea these days. Invite your friends and family to a virtual talent show and see what it comes out. But before that, let them know what they prepare to be both entertaining and hilarious. It will be just like a talent show. Everyone will take their turn, and whether they’re singing, joggling, or doing magic tricks or serenading the birthday boy or girl, it’s guaranteed to be the best virtual birthday party ever.

Just because it is a virtual birthday party, it doesn’t mean you can’t stick to the old traditions. Studies have shown that family traditions help improve overall enjoyment and strengthen togetherness. However, although birthday parties seem to be quite different this year, it’s essential to continue with the old day. It doesn’t matter if it’s in front of a screen, blowing candles and opening presents will never get old.

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