7 Exceptional Things You Need To Know Before Trying Microneedling

No doubt, everyone desires to remain young. You want to have your smooth faces without any black spots and wrinkles. Unfortunately, you cannot suspend ageing. This natural process will have an impact on your face.

But the good thing is that you can reverse through skin treatments. One of the popular skin treatment approaches is microneedling. Unlike magic serums and creams, this approach is a minimal invasive treatment that focus on enhancing collagen and fastening the wound healing process.

Microneedling involves the use of micro needles to create tiny punctures on the skin. The process engages a professional dermatologist or aesthetician. This procedure will enhance your skin and help you look younger. But before you decide to take the route, here are six things you need to know:

Consult a dermatologist/aesthetician to determine if it is fit for you

Different skins react differently to various dermatological procedures. This aspect is not different for microneedling. Through this treatment can fit for most skin types, it is crucial to consult a dermatologist before taking the path.

Your skin might react differently. So, before going for the process, ask all relevant questions. Only go for the procedure when you are at ease with the dermatologist answers.

Microneedling is not the same as dermarolling

Most people confuse microneedling with dermarolling. Though both use micro needles, they are different in several aspects. First, the size of needles used in microneedling processes are longer than dermarolling.

The dermarolling needles can range between 0.3mm and below. They are suitable for individuals trying the process for the first time. On the other hand, microneedling procedures involve the use of needles with 0.5mm to 2mm width meaning deeper penetration.

Another aspect that separate the two procedures the performance site. Generally, you can do dermarolling at the comfort of your home. For microneedling, you will need an intervention of a professional dermatologist or aesthetician.

Works well for wrinkles and acnes

Do you struggle with wrinkles and acnes? No doubt, everyone desires to have a baby-like face. It feels bad when all appears in your face are dark spots and wrinkles. Microneedling is a perfect way of handling these issues.

The microneedling procedures such as morpheus8 skin treatments deal with bacteria and contamination on your skin and reignite the regeneration of your skin cells. With the products used and wound healing process, you fasten the removal of acnes and wrinkles from your face.

Remaining hydrated is crucial

Water is a necessary component when undergoing the microneedling procedure and during the healing process. You need to keep your skin hydrated. Always sprinkle some water when the skin feels dry. Also, use water as the soothing agent. Use it to handle any skin redness that may pop up during the healing process.

Importantly, avoid harsh toners or other alcohol-based products. Keep the skin hydrated until the wounds heal completely. So, hydration is crucial during the wound healing phase of the microneedling procedures.

Give your skin some time to heal

Some people make mistakes that threaten their skin well-being. They leave the microneedling station and head to other activities and exercises. This actions result to sweating and cause skin inflammation. If you do not want to go through this irritating and hurting condition, you should allow your skin to heal.

Give your skin at least 24 hours after the procedure. Do not go to the gym or expose it to direct sunlight. This way, you will avoid the hurtful impacts of UV rays and sweating.

It is painless but comes with some discomforts

Despite being an invasive treatment, microneedling is painless. Dermatologists use pen-like tool to poke your skin. The experience is the same as that of the tattooing procedures. However, you will not endure pain like one your feel during tattooing.

You dermatologist passes the needles on the target area once. This makes the process fast and easy. However, you will experience some discomforts. The needle penetrate deeper on your skin meaning you will endure some pain but not like that of the invasive procedures.

Follow-up sessions are important

Unlike other skin treatments, your dermatologist will set some follow up sessions for you. The professional want to assess how you are progressing. They want to know whether your skin is recovering well or need extra intervention.

Again, they need to confirm that the process is leading to the desired results. For this reason, you need to prioritize the follow up sessions. Taking part in this sessions will help you remodel your skin and achieve your desirable goal.

In a word, microneedling is a perfect approach for rejuvenating your skin. It helps you handle wrinkles and acnes. But before considering it, pay attention to the above aspects.

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