7 Tell-Tale Signs, You Need To Use Natural Cleanser

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Cleansing is the most important step in the skincare routine as it creates a base for the entire process. With a good cleanser, you’ll be able to get rid of the build-up, open up your pores and clean off your makeup without ridding the skin of its important oils.

However, some cleansers may contain harmful ingredients that disrupt the oil gland that form the skin barrier. As a result, going the natural way for a cleanser may just be what your skin needs.

By using a natural cleanser, you reduce your chances of exposure to toxic chemicals that may end up hurting your skin. In addition, natural cleansers are more sustainable, which helps you reduce your environmental impact.

With natural products, you get to improve the general health of your skin because some ingredients are soothing and can heal your skin. But how would you know it’s time to make a shift into the natural bandwagon? Discussed below are some of the signs that suggest that you need to shift to a natural option.

A Tight Skin

If you’ve experienced any tightness on your skin after washing your face, then it may be time to change your cleanser. This feeling comes from stripped oils that act as a protective layer, leaving your skin dehydrated.

Due to the loss of natural oils, your skin will start producing more oil to replace the lost one, leading to breakouts. Some cleansers reduce the ability of your skin to hold proteins, consequently becoming dehydrated and losing elasticity in the long run.

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Skin Redness And Irritation

Sweat, contaminated air, and harsh weather are some of the things that may make you want to clean your face frequently. However, using cleansers with harsh ingredients may strip your face, which ends up blotchy and red.

However, natural ingredients in cleansers such as Aloe Vera have great properties that soothe redness and reduce inflammation which makes it an ideal choice among other natural products.

Stinging Sensations

If your skin has a stinging sensation after cleaning, it may be because your cleanser contains irritating ingredients that you may have missed checking out.

Most facial cleansers in the market tend to add fragrance to the ingredients, which makes your skin sensitive and may have serious repercussions when it comes into contact with UV rays. And since you can’t control the ingredients in these cleansing products, going for natural-based brands may be a great alternative.

Additionally, when getting natural cleansers, find ones with ingredients such as menthol and honey, which are both antibacterial and antimicrobial, making them perfect for your face.

Break Outs

You may be experiencing breakouts due to the different active ingredients in your facial cleanser. But pinpointing the exact cause can be hard, making it frustrating. That being said, it’s advisable to just use natural-based cleansers with natural ingredients that won’t cause a lot of reactions.

Unlike many synthetic products with allergens and irritants, natural cleansers offer a safer solution that’ll prevent breakouts on your skin.


Depending on your skin type, roughness can occur due to the overproduction of sebum that causes pimples, making the skin rough. Using the wrong cleanser can make your skin develop dry patches and roughness of the skin.

Using a gentle natural cleanser that doesn’t contain fragrance, chemicals and colors will prevent the skin from getting irritated.

Patches On The Skin

The growth of bacteria on the skin due to the lack of proper cleaning can result in patches on the skin. As a result, opt for a natural cleanser with ingredients such as lemon, which contains vitamin C and will balance the skin tone.

In addition, any cleanser with Turmeric will be perfect for clearing the skin due to its natural lightening skin effect.

Premature Aging

When you use harsh cleansers, it’ll strip your face of its natural oils and cause its dryness. This dryness will make lines become prominent and show signs of aging. Natural ingredients found in cleansers such as green tea with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties reduce sun damage, leading to premature aging.

Furthermore, Aloe vera and olive oil are additional ingredients that can increase collagen in the skin and help in reducing wrinkles on your face.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, cleansers play a significant role in your daily routine and finding the right one is vital. And as much as choosing the trending product in the market seems to be the right thing to do, it’s still important to use natural cleansers that are safe to use and suitable for your skin. Keep in mind that you’re going to use it in your face, that’s why you need to be very careful about what product to opt for.

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