7 Tips To Increase Profits at Your Beauty Salon

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The Small Business Development Center acknowledges that beauty salons and barbershops contribute significant dollars to the country’s GDP. Since Covid 19 hit, such small businesses were forced to close shop due to lockdown measures and the general fear of close interactions.

Business is roaring back as the pandemic subsides, mainly due to the uptake of vaccines and herd immunity. If you own a beauty salon and cannot wait to get back in full swing, here are seven ideas for scaling your business.

Upgrade Manicure Stations

One of the key reasons for making a salon appointment is to get a manicure and pedicure treatment. It would help if you upgraded to trendier workstations that will elevate the esthetics of your salon.

Change up the mirrors to contemporary chic or vintage. There are plenty of great suggestions on Pinterest that don’t come with a hefty price tag. Shop around online and in department stores, and take full advantage of holiday discounts.

Earn Relevant Certification

Investing in professional training enhances your core skills, so your customers are impressed with your services. You could sign up for training in beauty therapy, eyebrow wax and tint, volume eyelash extension, and so forth.

It could be upgrading existing skills to improve your services, or you could be training in something new to expand your service offering and boost your income.

Offer Wine or Other Beverages

A day at the beauty salon often means chatting with your beautician and other friends. It is a relaxing time for your customers, and they would probably appreciate having some wine on hand. You can introduce a minibar and stock up the mini-fridge with other beverages.

Clients will foot the bill for whatever beverages they wish to consume, or you can offer complimentary drinks.

Increase Your Rates Reasonably

The unfolding Covid 19 pandemic has left many businesses in ruins, and the surviving ones are struggling to remain afloat. If you invest in education, remodeling the salon, and increasing your value addition, it is only fair that you get more dollars for your services.

Do it gradually and within reason so regular customers are not put off by the change. Old and new customers will adjust in no time and will keep streaming in to pay for top-notch services.

Start a Referral Program

Many businesses across America are built upon the premise that existing customers get a discount for recruiting new customers to the fold. You can do the same at the beauty salon; encourage your regulars to recommend your services to their networks, and give them discounts, in turn.

Run a Social Media Account

It is prudent to have a social media profile to create awareness among prospective customers near and far. Open a Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram account and document your professional services here. Ensure branding remains consistent across all platforms and don’t neglect to create and share content frequently, so there is a sense of expectation.

Mini videos are a great hit on Instagram and other popular social media platforms. You can produce informative reels to share with your audience and remember to interact with followers.

Pop-Up Salon at Exhibition Shows

There are many exhibition shows for different industries, and since the government lifted lockdown measures, people are eager to attend more social gatherings. See what exhibitions are coming to your city and make plans to attend.

The organizers will probably only charge for tent or table space to reserve your spot. Showcasing your talent at such events increases brand visibility and attracts new customers.

Increasing the bottom line at your salon business will call for creativity and grit to weather out the slow days and weeks. Focus on sprucing things up, including staff training ahead of the business boom. As the year closes, things are looking up; you can expect more customer bookings.

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