7 Wellness Tips To Prioritize Yourself This Wellness Month

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Ideally, we should be taking care of ourselves and following healthy routines throughout the year, but our hectic schedules might make us overlook these things. We might consider these self-care acts small and unimportant, not really understanding how much this neglect really affects our lives. And the worst part of it all is that we might not even feel guilty about it. If we fail to take care of our loved ones, we will blame ourselves and feel so guilty. But most of the time, we fail to love and take proper care of ourselves.

There is a difference between prioritizing ourselves and being selfish. To enable us to prioritize ourselves better and to increase our understanding and awareness of this process, August was declared Wellness Month. It is celebrated this way every year to remind ourselves to take better care of ourselves.

You too, deserve your own love and care. Here are a few tips that will help you prioritize yourself this wellness month:

Digital Detox

A little time away from our devices is essential not only for our physical health but also for our mental health. Rather than spending time scrolling through social media, you could spend that time on yourself (maybe in some of the ways that are mentioned below). Apart from that, excessive social media use not only affects our eyes but also ushers in dissatisfaction with our own lives. Comparing our perfectly normal lives with the (often edited) highlights of the lives of influencers can have far-reaching damaging effects. This wellness month, try a digital detox. You will notice the difference in your mood and motivation. If you are an influencer, the pressure of presenting your life in a certain way all the time can take its toll. Take a sabbatical for a little while, and you will find your creativity returning manifold.

Say No Assertively

When people ask you to do something, do you always feel the need to say yes to please them? If you do, it is time to change that. You are not alone; many people find it hard to refuse other people’s requests for fear of angering and disliking them. But accepting requests and adding more pressure to your already busy life will result in burnout sooner or later. We are not saying that you need to refuse every request. If you have the time, or if it is possible to accommodate someone or something easily and comfortably, go ahead and do that. However, if accepting the request entails difficulties and discomfort for you, then you need to say no and do so assertively without any guilt or shame.

Pursue Your Hobbies

While we fulfill our responsibilities and take care of the needs of our loved ones, our hobbies fade into the background. When you were younger, was it not easier to answer when someone asked what your hobbies were? And now, if someone asks, we falter, trying to remember what we love to do in our leisure time. That’s because we struggle to find leisure time in our lives, and then the little time that we get to ourselves is spent on our devices. So here we are, circling back to what we said above, get off your devices (especially social media) and pursue your hobbies. Is your paintbrush waiting to be picked up since the last few years? Pick it up now, and create your new masterpiece. Do you have books that you want to read? A few pages every day are better than none at all. Go on, pursue your passion! Or maybe, you will stumble across a new activity that captures your interest. These interests will make you feel alive. Otherwise, it is only survival. You should live and thrive!

Set and Achieve Fitness Goals

Most people work sedentary jobs these days, and long hours make it difficult to pursue fitness goals. Many give up entirely on fitness. If this sounds like you, we have the solution. But, first and foremost, let’s begin with gratitude for having and holding a good job. Then, coming to the fitness part, if you can’t take out an hour each day or go to the gym, it does not matter! If you can take out 10 minutes a day for working out, it will be sufficient for you. Start with just 10 minutes of exercise each day. If later you find that you can dedicate more time, do so. You could have more than one such 10-minute exercise session in a day. If this method does not work for you, then you can try exercising while you are busy with something else. For instance, while you are taking calls at work, you could do some light exercises. Even at home, you can sneak in some exercises while you finish your chores. Are you waiting for the milk to boil? Stretch your limbs (carefully of course). Don’t neglect lower body exercises as these are great not only for strength but also for aesthetics.

Set Healthy Boundaries

Whether it is with your siblings, friends, coworkers, roommates, or life partners, establish healthy boundaries and abide by them. You need to make your boundaries clear with the other person through calm and healthy conversations. To set your boundaries, you need to sit down and introspect first. What matters to you in your relationships? What do you need from them? What makes you uncomfortable? You deserve to be at peace with your relationships. When you convey your well-thought-out boundaries, if the other person does not take them well, it does not mean you have to retract them. In healthy relationships, both sides will understand and respect each other’s boundaries.

Treat yourself regularly

You deserve treats – sometimes for tasks well done and sometimes just for existing. Did you perform exceptionally well at your job? Treat yourself. Did you tidy your house? Take yourself out for dinner. Did you refrain from giving up during a difficult time? Book yourself a spa session. Treating yourself will make you feel happier. It will rejuvenate you and help you bring out your inner strength.

Take Sufficient Rest

Most of the time, we don’t allow ourselves to get as much rest as we need. It affects not only the quality of our work but also the quality of our relationships. Although work and relationships are the leading reasons for which we sacrifice our rest time, not taking sufficient rest will affect you the most. It can lead to various medical conditions and diseases. Mental health conditions also get aggravated due to a lack of proper rest. Prioritize yourself and take the rest that you not only need but also deserve.

Let It Be All About You!

Let this month be about you. The self-care habits that you develop this month carry over to the rest of the year. Life is beautiful, and more so if you take time out for yourself. You deserve your time, your love, and your care more than anyone else does. Only a person who is happy with themselves can make others happy.

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