90s fashion trends that are making a big comeback in 2021

The 90s was a great time for films and music but especially fashion. From plaid outfits, patent leather slip dresses and grunge makeup, this decade has now metamorphosed into a fashion trend that doesn’t look like it’s about to die anytime soon. In fact, it’s so popular that items from the nineties keep coming in and out of fashion every year. But before you start looking into your loft for your old chain belts or bootcut jeans, we’ve put together 5 trends that are making a big comeback in 2021.

A classic leather jacket

Clearly not invented in the 90s, the leather jacket was made fashionable in the nineties. Worn in an oversized fashion with a statement collar, the leather jacket can be paired with ripped jeans or slip dress. Made popular by Carrie Bradshaw and her friends back in the 90s, this jacket is definitely set to make a big comeback next year, especially with the rise of vegan leather.

An oversized blazer

Nothing is more nineties than a big, oversized blazer, worn by both men and women, this statement piece was a great way to showcase your sense of fashion. Another way to stand out from the crowd was to pair your blazer with matching trousers, a true iconic style. Nowadays, the blazer is still popular and is making a comeback with the paired matching trousers.

An anklet

A childhood favourite, the anklet is predicted to come back in fashion next year. From a chunky seashell anklet to an elegant silver one, you can find a piece that will suit your style and budget. It’s also expected to be worn with heels, trainers, sandals, there is no limit to what you want to achieve in terms of styling these cute anklets.

A velvet dress

If you want to impress this season, velvet is definitely the fabric you need in your wardrobe. Highly popular amongst celebrities in the nineties, this smooth, slinky fabric has made a big comeback and is definitely here to stay. From dresses and jackets to velvet trousers, you can find a statement piece that would suit your style.


A really big staple of the 90s, branded sportswear was even spotted on the red carpet back in the day. So many men and women are now adopting this trend again and making it as glamourous as possible. From bold, colourful polo shirts to oversized jogging bottoms, branded sportswear is definitely here to stay.

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