A Beginner’s Guide to Finding the Ideal Sunglasses for Golfing

Using the wrong sunglasses when golfing can affect vision and bring damage to eyesight in the long run. Therefore, after you find the ideal clubs to golf with, it is critical to consider the eyewear. It will help navigate the sunny days comfortably while protecting the eyes from the Impact of ultraviolet rays. The investment will make it comfortable to golf and improve performance on the field. Read on to gain insights on selecting the ideal sunglasses depending on your needs.

Prescription or Non-Prscription

Sunglasses are not only a luxury but can be a necessity for someone with a particular eye condition. When you have conditions like astigmatism, hyperopia, or myopia, you will probably need the prescription glasses at https://goodr.com/collections/golf-sunglasses. As a golfer, you will need protection from the ultraviolet rays and the accessories you can wear while on or off the golf course.

Whether you are selecting the prescription or non-prescription ones, you can consider the ones with minimal distortion. It will help have an accurate shot and clarity of the environment to improve performance. The choice will mainly depend on your particular needs. It is vital to have an expert’s advice when finding the right accessory at Goodr. Going for an eye assessment will help determine specific requirements for the sunglasses you choose for golfing.

Determining whether you need the prescription or non-prescription Goodr sunglasses is the initial consideration to make. However, you need to have stylish accessories that boost confidence and make you more comfortable while on the course. Making the right choice will improve the performance. Below are other factors to consider when purchasing the golf sunglasses;

The Type of Lens

There are two popular types of sunglasses to consider for golfing. The first is one with the polarized lenses, while the other is the unpolarized one. They differ according to the tint and their capability to prevent glare. It is advisable to select the ones with a shade and does not reflect light for the best protection. The best brands will have certification on their capabilities. It is critical to consider them to ensure you get standardized products.

Therefore, polarized sunglasses will have different colors depending on a person’s preference. They will cost more than the clear lenses but will protect the eyes from direct sunlight. You do not want to try and block the rays with the hand while you can get the best golfing accessory from Goodr to use. The color you choose will eliminate distortion from the environment since the course will be green and the skies blue. You can try the different shades out in the outdoors to determine what works best for you. 

The Frame

Golf sunglasses should fit well and avoid moving while playing. The ideal choice is one with pads to hold them around the nose or with straps for the head. Flexibility is vital for their stability as the game involves body movement. Also, it should be light to make it comfortable to wear.  


Finding the ideal golf sunglasses will improve performance and make it fun too. Buy yours today to make the game more enjoyable and protect yourself from the UV rays.

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