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If you are suffering from allergic dermatitis or any other kind of minor rash or skin breakdown, you might want to give a different product a try. Our soothing skin cream uses Zinc and Vitamin E to heal and protect painful, irritated skin.

When Moisture Begins To Break The Skin Down

If you are incontinent, and you have skin irritation that is related to having damp or wet fabric, cotton, or other material that you are using to attempt to keep your skin dry during your day, we have ways to help!

Dermatitis that is secondary to incontinence can start off as a minor problem, but it is important to be vigilant in addressing the problem by “nipping it in the bud”. Incontinence-associated dermatitis can lead to significant skin breakdown.

Since the areas that incontinence are most likely to cause problems with the skin in areas that we are likely to have pressure placed upon when sitting and laying – thus skin breakdown in areas of increased incidence of pressure for long periods of time is at risk for pressure ulcers.

Pressure ulcers, once formed, can rapidly progress from stage one, which can consist of some minor redness and blanching of the skin, and some broken skin with little or no drainage, to stage two to four pressure ulcers. Stages two through four pressure ulcers are full-thickness,  meaning that there is dead and dying flesh that can be only skin deep, or potentially all the way down to the bone.

The manner in which these terrifying ulcers form includes tunneling of the dead areas of cells, and the top layer of the ulcer may seem like it is just the skin, but often there is obscured damage below the skin. The fact that these sores often have no pain that is associated with them makes it all the more troublesome.

Cutting off even minor skin damage related to incontinence at the pass is essential: not only for your skin integrity but for your peace of mind.

Soothe Painful, Itchy, And Raw Skin

If you have noticed prickly rashes around areas that are often damp as a result of sweat or urine that seems to soak areas of your clothing or incontinence padding, this is often the first sign of a problem with skin breakdown in problem areas. If this has already progressed to broken, painful skin that has some watery or bloody drainage – you need to be vigilant in restoring the integrity of your skin.

Because Soothing Skin Cream has been formulated to provide a barrier between your skin and damp, irritating fabric or absorbent padding. The skin that is red, chapped, and painful is going to love the vitamin E and zinc that will soothe and begin to heal on impact, creating a barrier that will keep out further moisture and prevent more damage, while healing what is irritated.

Always start with clean skin, and dry the area off completely prior to applying Soothing Skin Cream. Apply every day to ensure the best results. Always keep a close eye on these types of minor irritation, and involve your doctor in the fact that you have some skin breakdown that you are treating. Keep an open line of communication with your doctor, and a close eye on your skin!

Our Get It Right Guarantee

We ship everything free, after $15 is spent, and have a Get It Right guarantee, where we will work with you to make sure you have the right product for you, and we guarantee your satisfaction. Please give our 24-hour customer service line a call if you have any kind of questions about our great products, and we are happy to help you in any way.

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