Beauty and Skincare Essentials for Dry, Hot Weather

Hot weather is back, and with it comes a host of large skincare problems. However, it would be fantastic if our skin could stay clear and behave how we want it to. Unfortunately, we can’t always guarantee that will happen.

These are some of the best beauty and skincare essentials to keep in mind if you’re in dry or hot weather!

Drink Lots of Water

Water is vital to ensure that you’ll stay healthy. Although it may feel obvious, most people don’t get enough fluid to keep hydrated in the heat. To help yourself along, it’s a good idea to drink at least a cup of water every hour and try to eat foods that are naturally full of water, like fruit and fresh vegetables. These will keep your skin hydrated and fight back against dryness or eczema.

Wear Sunscreen At All Times

Sunscreen is a must. Whether going hiking or walking around looking for houses for rent in Phoenix, it’s a good idea to keep sunscreen on. Many facial moisturizers have some form of SPF built into them, but you should also pay attention to your chapstick and what lotions you use on your arms and legs. Try to wear a hat to shade your face if possible, and avoid spending too much time in direct sunlight unprotected.

Avoid Abrasive Alcohol Wipes

Many makeup removers and facial cleansers have a lot of alcohol in them to ensure they work correctly. Avoid subjecting your skin to this!  Instead, focus on trying to find facial wipes that are also hydrating. Although you may assume these won’t remove makeup as easily, it’s better to have to spend an extra minute on your face than it is to have to spend money and time correcting dry skin.

Use Scent Free Soaps

Don’t allow for your soap to dry out your skin either. This is for both your body and your face. Try to use scent-free moisturizing soaps. It’s also a good idea to avoid foaming soaps since these can dry out your hands further. Although the idea of them is fun, and they’re aesthetically pleasing, it’s not worth it for your skin to dry and crack.

Hydrate after Washing

After you’ve washed your face or hands, take the time to hydrate. On your hands, any SPF fighting lotion can do a lot of good for you. Make sure you use enough and fully rub it into your skin so that you get the full effect of it.

When hydrating your face, you can either get a hydrating mask that you’ll have to leave on for ten to twenty minutes, or you can purchase a cream that will need to get rubbed in. Check the bottles and ensure that there’s not a high amount of alcohol in them and that they contain some amount of SPF to protect you from the sun.

Skin is complicated, and it’s different for everyone. If you notice that part of your regimen isn’t working for you, take the time to correct it or try something new.

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