Beauty And Style Hacks To Speed Up Your Morning Routine

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No matter how prepared or how organized we are, getting ready in the morning can be a stressful experience as it can take up a lot of our time. The average person can spend anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes getting ready for work or school, and those who are running late may choose to skip breakfast or their daily workout just to make it in time. But instead of skipping breakfast or exercise, both of which can benefit your health, there are other things that you can do to make mornings less hectic, such as paring down your beauty routine. With a few smart hacks, you can reduce the time and effort that you spend to look put together, and get through the rest of the day looking stylish and well groomed. Here are some beauty and style hacks to speed up your morning routine.
Invest in long-lasting beauty treatments
A study has found that the average woman spends 55 minutes grooming herself everyday, and most of that time is spent on hairstyling. Instead of spending 30 minutes blow drying, curling, or flat ironing your hair everyday, why not invest in long-lasting beauty treatments that will give you gorgeous hair with zero effort? Plan on spending a few hours on the weekend getting a hair keratin treatment, which will keep hair smooth and frizz free for four months. You may also consider getting your hair professionally braided using natural or synthetic braiding hair, and it will last from four to six weeks, depending on how you care for your braided hair. If you choose to have any of these treatments, make sure to get them done regularly so your hair stays in good shape. Talk to your hairstylist about a maintenance schedule and follow care instructions to ensure your hair’s health.
Create your own daily uniform
Picking out an outfit for work or school can also take up a lot of precious time. While you can certainly select your clothes the night before, there’s a possibility that you won’t want to wear that outfit when the morning comes. To solve this problem, create your own uniform. Consider buying separates in neutral tones to make mixing and matching easier, or wear an all-black outfit on days when you don’t want to think about making outfit choices. If you find a flattering blouse, buy it in multiple colors or prints and pair that with plain trousers or skirts. Don’t forget to accessorize with at least two pieces of jewelry and a stylish yet comfy pair of shoes.
Go with a simple makeup look
A simple, clean makeup look can make you look more polished in an instant, and with a little practice, you can achieve this look in about 10 minutes or less. Use a tinted moisturizer or a cushion foundation to even out your complexion, then dab and blend concealer on spots or undereye circles. Brush brows with a bit of brow mascara, then apply mascara to only your upper lashes for a wide-eyed look. Finally, rub a cream blush onto the apples of your cheeks, then finish with a rosy, moisturizing lipstick. The result? A glowing, healthy look that’s right for the boardroom or the classroom.
Try these tips to simplify your morning routine. You’ll avoid the stress of rushing through your preparations, and you’ll definitely look and feel great every single day.
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