Benefits of Using Vaseline Under Eyes

In the winter, it is very common to witness dry skin. This can show up even under your eyes. Since the skin layer under the eyes is very thin and sensitive, very few products are recommended suitable for under eye application. Vaseline is one of them.

Vaseline is basically a name-brand petroleum jelly. It has been declared safe for under-eye application by the National Center for Biotechnology Information. Generally, reactions to petroleum jelly are extremely rare, and thus Vaseline acts as a perfect moisturizer for your under eyes.

Vaseline as an Occlusive:

The purpose of using Vaseline is to make your skin stay moisturized, but it does not act as a moisture contributor. Rather it acts as a moisture protector and an occlusive. It seals the moisture present in your skin and prevents further damage. It halts the process of skin drying up, and that is what works for under eyes as well.

It does not make your under-eyes feel heavy, rather its occlusive nature keeps it from adding up extra moisture and allows you to stay comfortable. Sealing the moisture helps the skin to retain its soft texture. To know more about such amazing skin hacks you can always binge on beauty tips at

Damage healing by Vaseline:

Vaseline not only acts as a moisture sealing agent but also acts efficiently when it comes to damage healing. Vaseline protects your skin. Cuts or scraps under your eyes may be caused due to the drying of the skin. In extreme conditions, your skin might ever encounter minor tears when dry skin is stretched.

Vaseline works perfectly for such conditions. It prevents further damages and keeps the skin soft, which helps it to heal fast, preventing worsening of conditions. It will not irritate your skin as it is gentle. Applying Vaseline under eyes helps the skin to heal faster than the natural healing process.

Vaseline has always worked for a number of beauty hacks because of its moisture-retaining quality. Using Vaseline for hair, eyebrows and even eyelashes helps maintain moisture level and works well for areas in which you cannot apply oil. It simply acts as a serum to protect hair damage.

Gentle make-up remover:

Vaseline is petroleum jelly and thus almost all make-up products, even the waterproof ones, get easily removed by Vaseline. Mascaras and eyeliners can spread around your eye at the end of the day, and it becomes important to get rid of that. Vaseline comes as a saviour in such circumstances as it can easily rub away the make-up patches.

All you need to do is apply Vaseline around your eyes and gently rub it away with cotton. Easy right? It will not soothe the skin damage if any and act as a protecting serum to prevent drying of skin under your eyes. Vaseline is even safe to be applied to your eyelids. So you can easily get rid of the waterproof mascara without much investments on make-up removers.

Does Vaseline help with under eye wrinkles?

Yes, it absolutely does.

Wrinkles around the eyes are one of the most common and earliest signs of skin ageing. Applying Vaseline under eyes keeps moisture locked. This helps your skin to retain its natural elasticity and in turn, prevents your skin from wrinkles.

Simply, allowing your skin to stay healthy and moist will slow down the skin ageing process and give you a youthful appearance. With prolonged and consistent application of Vaseline under your eyes, your skin can retain its beauty. It is a gentle and quick way to protect the skin under your eyes from being subjected to any damage. Moreover, Vaseline is non-comedogenic; that is, it does not clog pores and allows your skin to breathe.

It is very evident from the above article how Vaseline can act as a great choice for taking care of the sensitive skin around your eyes. Thus, Vaseline is also the choice of many beauticians. It is cheap and does the trick! With simple petroleum jelly, Vaseline works like wonders and is a boon to people having skin issues. Vaseline is irritation-free and does not cause allergies too. It can act as a perfect under-eye serum and give you the advantages you need at much less investment.

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