Best Hair to Use for Crochet Braids – Human or Synthetic?

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Human vs.Synthetic Hair for Crochet Braids

Before we get to explain what are some of the better hair options you can get, let’s talk about whether you should go for human crochet hair or synthetic crochet hair.

Both have their pros and cons, and it is up to you to choose what will fit best for you.

Human hair

Human hair is a bit of a glass half empty glass half full type of thing.

On one side, people love human hair because it is natural.

Human hair can be easily washed, styled, and dyed.

But it is not easy to work with on your own.

On the other hand, there are moral and ethical implications when it comes to using human hair.

Most of the hair that you find on the market, comes from either India or China.

When you purchase human hair, insist that the supplier gives you the source of the hair.


  • You have to physically tie a knot into each end, which is a rather time-consuming process
  • Human hair is difficult to work with, especially if you are new into the world of crochet braiding.With synthetic hair, you can use a single knot, something you cannot with human hair
  • Human hair has been treated with chemicals and dyes to get the right texture.That means when you go swimming, you might cause an allergic reaction

Synthetic hair

Most crochet braids you see are made out of synthetic fibers, meaning it contains no human hair.

For a crochet braiding, the hair comes in single strands that are often referred to as bulk.

The downside of synthetic hair is that the quality can vary greatly.

Some fibers look like human hair, others do not.

Where synthetic hair has an advantage is the price, as it is incredibly affordable and easy enough to use on your own.


  • Friction and heat can damage synthetic hair


Outre Synthetic Hair Crochet Braids

Malibob Jerry Curly Twist Hair



mirras mirror


senegalese twist crochet braids

We already had one option for Senegalese crochet braids.They look absolutely stunning when installed.

Therefore, we want to give you one more option, which comes in an array of different colors and length.

That gives you flexibility to choose the style that you love the most.

Each set contains seven packets and each one of those contains around 30 strands of hair.For most people, this is enough to cover an entire hair.

An underrated aspect is that you can use these crochet braids for a cute curly look.That is, as long as you use the roll and hot water method.

We advise that you do not use all of the strands, as it can weigh your head.

Concentrate on the weight of your head while installing the crochet braids.

Install as many as you can bear.

8.Model Model Twin Deep


  • Bounces back when you shampoo

When your top priority is to get silky soft hair, then Model Model is the way to go.

The hair is as the closest silky and soft to touch you can get to natural hair. 

The buttery soft strands come in deep and well defined waves.

They won’t knot when you are separating out pieces. 

But you have to be aware of the downside of wearing soft hair, and that is hard to secure in crochet styles.

The same thing we mentioned about natural hair, applies here as well.

Basically, you have to use very small pieces and a triple looping method to secure your hair.

What you will love the most is that the hair does not tangle, and bounces back when you shampoo it.

In the end, you are left with an original radiant look.

9.Janet Collection Mambo Twist Crochet Braids




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