Best Human Hair Wig Hacks To Keep your Wig Secure & Looking New

Wigs are the newest fashion accessory to sport these past few years. And ladies, let it be known that sporting a different hairstyle and color every week is no longer considered taboo! And to make look more natural, rather than plastics, human hair wigs are preferred. Black icons like Cardi B, Kerry Washington, and even Viola Davis, for that matter, can be seen wearing a range of weaves to suit their preferred style. All these beautiful ladies have villages of stylists keeping their hairdo together and maintaining their wigs for them. With the amount of styling that goes into this kind of maintenance, it is no surprise that they turn out looking fresh as hell, and serving ICONIC looks all the time.

Most of you ladies are already seasoned in the art of keeping a weave or a wig carefully, while some may be experimenting for the first time. This list of hacks and tricks to keep your human hair wig secure and refreshed will be beneficial to all, with its variety of hacks to make your wigs look as natural as the hair on your head!

Human Hair Wig Hacks 101

1. Smooth Foundations

The thing about wearing human hair wigs is that you need to make sure that you have a perfect foundation to lay the wig on. This means that your natural hair needs to be made into braids or cornrows in order to be placed evenly under a wig cap, which will hold the wig together on top of your head with glue, or bobby pins.

The trick to achieving the most natural-looking wig hair is to make sure that you have braided your hair tightly enough. You can then pin the braids evenly on your head. For those of you who are bald, you also need to make sure that your wig cap is not dense in places. A small bump can be the difference between a natural-looking wig, and an obvious bag wig job.

2. Frizz No More

Nobody likes frizz, and none lesser than the owners of human hair wigs. What you can do to make your wig hair smoother, is to pick up a smoothening and moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. When washing the wig, turn it outside inwards, and then continue to rinse and clean the hair. When the cleaning is done, be certain to turn the human hair wig back to the right side and squeeze out the water to prevent tangles. Leave the conditioner in for a minute or two before rinsing.

3. Wig Liners

Using a wig cap over your head is very important to any black woman. Remember to wear a scarf before sleeping as well!

4. Detangle Detangle Detangle

When you are faced with brushing out your human hair wig, opt for detangling from the bottom section to the forehead. This will give you lesser shedding, and more luster.

5. Lay them Edges

If you want your human hair wig to look natural, you need to establish a natural-looking hairline. This can be achieved by two methods. Either you can use your own baby hair to create the look, or you can tweak the wig to have small baby hair to frame your face. In any case, laying edges is one of the more difficult tasks of the average wig wearer.

You can use a toothbrush with some coconut oil and hair gel to create a hairline that transitions from the forehead to the scalp. The best part about this is that you can now also purchase human hair wigs that come with built-in baby hair transitions

6. Oil Control

A major issue you must face when using human hair wigs is the sweat and oil build-up that shows in your hair. The wig is also prone to these issues as it is attached to your head. A lot of women struggle to cope with controlling this oil and build up and are constantly looking for ways to help themselves.

We have a fool-proof solution to this issue, and when used moderately, it can eliminate the need for a dry shampoo, and keep your human hair wig going for a few more days. For this hack, you need some talc powder. All you have to do is to take some talc in your hand, and part your hair where you think the build-up is most concentrated, and apply the powder to the roots until soaked. This will give your hair volume and will reduce an oily finish to make it look refreshed.

7. Fill it In

We cannot stress this one enough because the aim of this article is to show you tricks to make your human hair wig look natural! When you place your wig on, you will realize that some gaps in the hairline exist. This will look annoying and unnatural, and there is nothing more of a fashion faux pas than having your wig cap and scalp exposed when wearing a wig.

Therefore, once you are done with the rest of the steps, using some mascara in the shade that suits your head, in the partition and the corners of the wig will go a long way. It is interesting to note that once colored in, the wig retains the color for a few washes.

8. Human Hair Wig Lace Color

This hack is the easiest of them all. You can employ this hack when buying your wig itself – by picking out a human hair wig that comes with an under lace that matches your skin tone. This is very important as this lace is what will show on your forehead. In order to be able to mask it properly, you must pick the shade closest to your complexion. When you will wear and part your wig, you will notice that the partition exposes the underlayer of the wig lace. If your lace is close to your skin color, it will look natural and clean.


These brilliant hacks to keep your human hair wigs looking fresh and secure for a longer period of time. Don’t forget to minimize heat treatment, and take care of your wigs! We hope you enjoyed these tricks and hacks, and be sure to leave your own additions in the comments!

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