5 Best Laser Hair Removal Devices You Can Use At Home

Are you tired of the constant battle with body hair? Are you tired of using and buying razors, going frequently to the threading lady and utilizing almost every other mean of hair removal?

Well, you haven’t tried or used all of them until you try laser hair removal. There are two ways you can opt for a laser hair removal.

The first one is going to a cosmetic salon and pay for a laser hair removal. Or, you can get a best laser hair removal device, and remove hair at the convenience of your home.

1. Philips Lumea Prestige IPL

This is one of the most expensive at-home devices on the market. And it is not only effective, it is also visually beautifully designed. With a specially curved design, this laser removal device can get to hard-to-reach areas. And with attachments that different in shape, filter, and window size, the laser can offer special treatment of your body.

You can use it as a 3 or 4 weekly treatment, and it will leave your skin soft, smooth, and hair-free. The product works by harnessing IPL to kill the pesky hairs at the root.

This laser comes with 5 different settings, with 1 being mild, and 5 the most intense. There are also four separate attachments for treating certain areas.

The best part is that the laser offers pain-free treatment. And it can adapt to the color of your skin and deliver the perfect intensity.


  • Five different intensity levels
  • Multiple attachments for different skin areas
  • Light and easy to use


  • The product manual says it can cause increased hair growth in Middle Eastern, South Asian, and Mediterranean women
  • You might still get proper hair growth

2. Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser 4X for Women and Men

Tria’s laser hair removal device is the first device approved by the FDA as safe and effective for home use. Another benefit is that this laser uses the same technology, which is laser diode that professionals use in salons where they will charge you much more for a single treatment.

What you get with Tria is tradition and history. Tria is one of the global leaders in beauty and skincare. One major difference between this laser and other is 4X feature. That means it can work on dark-toned skin, and the sensor makes it appropriate for your skin tone.

Another big difference is that there is no cartridge to replace. In other words, the laser requires virtually no maintenance. The downside of that is once you use the laser flashes stored in the machine, this laser is just a useless device dusting in your home. The 90,000 flashes capacity should last you a few years, but it is different depending on the frequency and size of usage.


  • Very effective
  • Laser diode machine, same used by professionals
  • Great for light skin


  • Does not work on white, grey, and blonde hair
  • You can use all of the flashes quickly, and the laser does not work anymore

3. Remington iLIGHT Ultra Face & Body Pro Hair Removal System

Remington is a well-known company in the hair removing industry. They make some of the best razors for both men and women. And their laser hair removal system is another FDA-cleared system. Similar as Tria, it uses the same technology professionals have in beauty salons.

The laser hair removal device utilizes a quartz lamp that is safe to use on the female face and body. Remington claims the laser can remove up to 94% of your hair in just 3 treatments. Now that would be far-fetched, but there is no denying this laser is effective.

In the kit, you get 2 different treatment caps. One is for the body, and the other is for the face. The key feature makes sure your device is kept hygienic when used on different areas. And this laser is ultra-fast. Mere minutes are more than enough to remove hair from the bikini line and underarm region.

Last, but not least, you get an app for your mobile device, be it iOS or Android, to maximize the treatment and keep track of results.

The cartridge is capable of 65,000 flashes, and once you use 95% of the capacity, a warning light will remind you to replace it.


  • No downtime for charging
  • Works with a special app for keeping track of progress
  • Skin tone sensor that will determine whether your skin is appropriate for use
  • Ultra-fast
  • Hygienic with separate heads for face and body


  • Does not work on dark skin
  • It is not as effective when used on light blonde or red hair

4. Silk’n Flash&Go - At Home Permanent Hair Removal Device

Designed by physicians for professionals, this IPL system is the least expensive of the laser hair removal devices you can get. Shaped like a police radar gun, it has been one of the best medium-range hair removal devices for several years.

The new tech design allows individuals to target and zone into any area that requires hair removing. The innovative light-based device can be used on the entire body, including your face.

The HPL technology emits gently light pulses that target the hair follicles at the root to prevent future hair growth.

Silk is internationally acclaimed for providing and manufacturing aesthetic devices for home use. So, be sure to try it.


  • Very affordable
  • Great for zone targeting areas


  • Just 5,000 flashes per cartridge
  • The head for the face is larger, which makes it less effective than more premium products
  • No appropriate for dark skin

5. Silk’n Infinity

We mentioned Silk has a long history in manufacturing hair removal devices. The Infinity is a more advanced model that combines HPL and galvanic energy for a deeper-reaching light and faster treatment. It is one of the fastest hair removal devices in Silk’s line, and it promises to deliver 92% of reduction in hair growth. You can get a full-body treatment in less than 20 minutes, and that is something not many laser hair removal devices can deliver.

It is very simple to use this laser, just set it to the lowest energy setting at the beginning, and then move from there. Of course, you should always stick to the energy level that the manufacturer recommends for your skin type.


  • Small and convenient to use
  • Lifetime of flashes
  • Skin tone sensor
  • Virtually painless and should not cause any irritation


  • There is no clear sign of how many flashes there are left off
  • You cannot buy extra parts

Frequently asked questions

Let’s take a look at the most common questions people have regarding laser hair removal.

Does laser hair removal hurt?

It is only logical that one of the more common questions regarding laser hair removal is about pain. Not all of us have same pain tolerance level. Just to make matters clear, in most cases, this type of hair removal does not hurt.

It can be more comfortable in certain areas where your skin is sensitive, for example, the bikini line. But the feeling diminishes as you move towards areas where your skin is not as sensitive. Think about pain between plastic band pinging against your skin and mild electric shock.

When will you recover?

After each session, it is normal to expect redness and irritation on the skin. The same happens after waxing as well. It is worth noting, there will be no rash-like symptoms and burning.

This should not happen if you get the intensity and settings of the best laser hair removal right for your skin type and skin hair.

You can always apply aloe vera or some other natural soothing ingredient to the affected area. Few days after, and there will be no redness or irritation. In that regard, it is very similar to waxing.

How much does it cost?

As mentioned previously, there are two ways you can get your hair removed by a laser.

Treatment at a cosmetic studio can cost between $50 and $300. In the same time, a good quality laser hair removal machine for home costs between $300 and $500.

So, it comes to how much are you willing and ready to pay.

Is my skin suitable for skin removal?

Truth be told, every skin type is suitable for laser hair removal. However, there are skin types that are better suited for the treatment.

With that in mind, people with thick, coarse, and dark hair are the best candidates for the treatment. If you have dark hair and you are annoyed with your hair, opting for a laser hair treatment is a good option.

You have to remember that thicker hair will take longer for the treatment to work.

Are there any special routines during the treatment?

When it comes to laser hair removing, the procedure is very similar to waxing. That means that the skincare treatment is incompatible with certain medications.

For example, you cannot use any medications that are photosensitive. You have to stop using these medications at least a week before the treatment.

In the same time, you should not use skin care products with strong actives, think retinoids and alfa hydroxyl acids.

When can I see results?

As with any treatment, people are mostly interested in the results. When will you see initial results? It is worth noting to remember that everybody is different.

Depending on the individual, you might need 4 to 8 sessions. Laser hair removal works best when the hair is in its active growth rate.

Different parts of the body have different growth rates. That means that the laser hair removal treatment will take longer on some areas, and shorter on other areas of your body.

Can you skip sessions?

Another common question of patients is whether they need to attend every session. And there lies one of the biggest mistakes.

If you do not complete the necessary amount of sessions, or if you skip sessions in between, the treatment will not be successful. Listen to your practitioner, and the treatment will be successful.

Do not make the mistake of skipping sessions once the hair growth slows down. Those are just initial results.

What areas of the body you can use the laser on?

Generally speaking, laser hair removal works best on four areas. Those are bikini area, chin, lip, and underarm area.

That doesn’t mean that on other parts of the body, the treatment will not work. But it won’t be as effective.

What about your period?

Unlike waxing, the period does not interfere with your laser hair treatment. Even if you are menstruating, you just have to use a tampon on the day of the treatment.

Are there any risks?

Generally speaking, laser hair removal is considered a safe treatment. However, there is always the risk of burning.

The FDA, on the other hand, warns that there might be blistering, redness, discoloration, and scarring as side effects. And of course, there is always the possibility of the hair growing back.

Dos and Don’ts of Laser Hair Treatment

Here are some general rules you can follow to make sure your treatment is successful.

  • Do shave in between treatments, which is the best way to quickly remove hair without damaging the root. Remember, the beauty therapist (if you do the treatment in a beauty salon) will shave your area before applying laser. But if you are doing at home, and shave in between. The treatments are done once every 3 or 6 months, and you want to avoid hair in the bikini area in between
  • Do not apply heavy makeup for the next 24 hours after a laser treatment. Makeup can clog the skin and cause acne breakouts. Therefore, try not to apply makeup to avoid clogging the pores of your skin
  • Apply SPF to the affected area after a treatment, and avoid sun exposure for a couple of days
  • Don’t wax the area, do not epilate, or pluck your hair in between treatments. Waxing, plucking, and similar methods remove the hair from the root. And laser works best when attracted to the hair’s pigment underneath the skin. If the root is gone, there will be nothing for the laser to remove
  • Do exfoliate the area gently to encourage dead roots and dead skin cells to fall out after a treatment

Types of lasers

If you decide to get the best laser hair removal device for home treatment, you can choose between 3 types. Those are:

  • Diode laser which is effective for light and dark skin
  • Nd:YAG, a long pulse laser which can be used on all skin types, including even tanned skin. But it is less effective for light and fine hair
  • Alexandrite, the fastest laser that works best for treating larger body area at patients with light to olive skin complexion

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