10 Best Skin Lightening Creams that Work as Magic

We should all celebrate the skin tone we are born with.

You should never think that fair skin is a measure of beauty.

It is not.

However, having a clear and healthy complexion is a desire for many people.

And thanks to the best skin lightening cream treatments out there, that is no longer just a dream, but also a possible reality.

One of the main reasons we use these skin lightening creams is because we want to prevent and reverse the damage done by environmental pollutants.

The increasing pollution, the harmful rays of the sun, and other factors can cause our skin to become dull, dry, and blemished.

And of course, shades darker.

The good news is that there are many products out there that can help brighten the tone of your skin.

All of the creams work on a pigment called melanin, which for those of you that do not know, is a pigment found in the skin, hair, and iris of the eyes.

The main function of the melanin is to provide tanning of our skin.

These creams affect melanin, and reduce its intensity resulting in fairer complexion by the day.

Due to the increase in pollution outdoors, and the ever-increasing heat, these types of creams have become more of a necessity.

With that in mind, here are our top ten options for best skin lightening cream.

1. Meladerm by Civant


Meladerm is one of the more popular choices when it comes to lightening your skin. Having scars and hyper-pigmentation is not very self-assuring, which is where Meladerm comes to the rescue.

One of the biggest strengths of Meladerm is the efficiency in removing hyper pigmentation, as well as acne marks, age spots, and old scars. The cream guarantees results within just two weeks of proper and regular usage. However, for most people, it takes up to 4 weeks to really see visible results.

Meladerm contains 10 advanced ingredients, all of which help with pigmentation and uneven color. All of those ingredients are natural, which provides even better results without harming your skin.


  • There are no synthetic ingredients
  • The cream delivers faster results than its competitors
  • Suitable for every skin type, no matter if you have oily or dry skin
  • Great for treating blemishes, acne scars, and age spots


  • Relatively expensive when compared to other products on the market
  • Some people need more time to see results

2. Olay White Radiance Brightening


This cream helps you in three ways. For starters, it helps reduce the appearance of dark spots.

Furthermore, the cream will lighten your skin to its original complexion, and finally, provide protection from the harmful UV rays.

That being said, Olay is a company that has been in the beauty industry for a long time, since 1952 to be exact. The tagline of the company is “Ageless”, so you can expect products that will help you look youthful and radiant.

Regular use of this cream will give your skin a healthy glow, while also preventing it from becoming dull. If you are wondering how long until you see results, usually, most people see results after four weeks of regular usage.


  • Makes your skin smooth and silky
  • Protects you from harmful UV rays
  • Lighten discoloration
  • Works for all skin types


  • Unhygienic tub packaging
  • Not suitable for traveling

3. Clean and Clear Skin Brightening

clean and clear

Formulated with a unique blend of caffeine, lemon, and papaya, this cream will definitely “wake your face in the morning”.

Designed to brighten the appearance of the skin, one of the best features of the cream is that it is oil free. There are no oils, which makes it even safer for usage. In the same time, the cream releases an invigorating fruit fragrance that will awake all of your senses.

Regular usage will make your skin feel and appear refreshed, and leave you ready to face the day. Most people have commented on the great smell of the cream. The lemony smell will definitely wake you up in the morning. Proper usage is on a wet face, and gently massage it all over it, avoiding the area under your eyes.


  • Makes you feel fresh and ready for the day
  • Excellent deep cleanser and provides good exfoliation
  • Because it is oil-free, it is excellent for oily and combined skin


  • Some people have reported allergies to the ingredients in the product
  • Can make your skin sensitive and dry 
  • Can cause acne breakouts

4. Clean & Clear Fairness Cream

clean and clear facial

Another product from Clean & Clear, this one is a bit different cream.

Again, it is an oil-free cream, which is basically the main focus of the company. The cream will not clog your pores, and will give your skin a lasting pink glow.

Easily absorbed by the skin, the product also has a pleasant fragrance.

Basically, if you want an oil free cream that smells good, Clean & Clear have a couple of those products.


  • Comes with UV protection and a fairness scale
  • Light formulation and spreads easily
  • Non-greasy
  • Works for all skin types


  • Can leave a white cast when too much product is used
  • Not as effective as other products

5. Revitol Skin Brightener


It is one of the top-whitening creams you can find on the market and gets a 5-star rating. The powerful formula contains natural ingredients that will help you achieve lightening of the tone. In the same time, the cream helps reduce the effect of dark spots and dark areas on your skin.

But most importantly, being that it has some anti-aging properties as well, the cream will increase the firmness of your skin, giving you a healthy appearance. All of the ingredients are plant-based, and they help fight off environmental pollutants.

Some of the ingredients include arbutin, shea butter, evening primrose oil, and allantoin. It is best that you try this product for a minimum of 30 to 60 days before you decide whether to continue. Do not expect quick results.


  • The natural formula fights common skin problems including wrinkles, fair lines, blemishes, and acne scars
  • It is a complete solution for your skin problems
  • Safe to use and there are usually no harmful side effects
  • The brand offers full 90 days money back guarantee


  • Some people report that there is no skin brightening or spot fading
  • Basically just a little more expensive moisturizer

6. Garnier Skin Naturals White Complete


Almost every one of us has heard about Garnier. It is one of the more famous and popular beauty and cosmetic products company.

After all, their commercials are all over the world. So, with that in mind, how confident should you in buying a best skin lightening cream from Garnier? Well, we would say, pretty much very confident.

The Garnier Skin Naturals’ White Complete Multi Action Fairness Cream comes with a lemon extract that will help you achieve a lighter tone of your skin.

The unique formula also provides protection against harmful UV rays, while reducing dark spots at the same time. This cream has an SPF 19 and PA+++ rating. Garnier promises that the product will deliver visible results by seven days. Now, that is a bit too much to expect, but given the history of Garnier, you can definitely see results after using this cream.


  • Provides protection from harmful UV rays
  • Reduces dark spots
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Keeps your skin moisturized and hydrated even in dry months


  • The package comes in a tiny bottle which will not last for long
  • People with dry skin have reported problems
  • Some users have reported the cream dries out their skin

7. Clarins Bright Plus HP Brightening


People often ask what is the difference between a serum and lotion when it comes to skin brightening.

Well, the simple answer is that a serum does not have SPF factor. That is one of the big advantages of this brightening and hydrating day lotion. The SPF 20 factor is something you will love, as the lotion will protect your skin during the sunny days.

Some of the main benefits are that this lotion brightens and evens out the complexion of your skin. In the same time, it provides moisture and softens your skin. After regular usage, you will notice your skin being velvety-smooth, which is not something a lot of products can achieve.

The formula is a smooth fluid, with a fine and melting texture that provides a wonderful sensation for your skin, leaving it matte and radiant all day long.


  • The moisturizer leaves a beautiful and dewy glow to your skin
  • The smell of the lotion is great
  • You can see visible results as quickly as just 2 weeks of usage


  • Some say the decent moisturizer does nothing extra
  • There is very little product in the bottle, which lasts 2 weeks
  • Fairly expensive at $60 per bottle
  • You can only buy it online, it is no longer being sold in stores

8. Biotique Bio Lightening Serum


This product packs a great combination of nutmeg oil and pure dandelion. The latter, which is a key ingredient, is rich in vitamin E, which we know has a lot of benefits for the skin.

Used on a regular basis, the product will help you brighten your skin, all while fading dark spots and minimize the appearance of wrinkles.

Biotique is a company that strives for quality and sustainability, and they have a natural ayurvedic approach to beauty. That is why most of their products are packed with natural and organic ingredients.

For example, this one comes with ingredients from the Himalayans. Made organically, the whitening cream is preservative-free. If you are looking for a natural beauty product, you cannot get much better than Biotique.


  • The product is free of animal testing
  • Contains herbal ingredients beneficial for your skin
  • The light formula of the cream is easily absorbed by the skin
  • Great for normal to oily skin
  • Diminishes blemishes after just one week of usage, making your skin glow


  • The container doesn’t come with a pump, which makes it unpractical for usage
  • The full list of ingredients is not mentioned on the label
  • Has a drying effect, and you have to use moisturizer after application

9. SkinBright Skin Brightener


This product is made in the US with the highest quality ingredients and is designed to work on both men and women of all skin types.

The product works by safely and gently removing the appearance of skin discoloration and evening out your skin tone. Guarantees an effective treatment for melasma, hyperpigmentation, and age spots. Another popular use is for fighting off uneven discoloration and complexion.

The magic of the product is in the formula and ingredients. Among them, you’ll find aloe vera, which is one of the best ingredients for skin.

But the most important one is kojic acid, an ingredient from Asia that helps fight age spots and various pigmentation of the skin. As for bleaching and whitening your skin, the formula also contains lemon extract. Last, but not least, you will find hemp oil, great for improving the health of your skin from inside out.


  • A mix of great natural ingredients allow for repairing of the skin and whitening at the same time
  • Fights off problems like acne and acne scars
  • Suitable for both men and women
  • Great as an anti-aging cream as well


  • Can cause allergic reactions in some people
  • Only available online, not sold in stores

10. Neutrogena Fine Brightening Serum


The serum deeply penetrates your skin to inhibit melanin production. Because of that, it helps avoid issues like pigmentation, dark spots, and dullness of your skin.

Regular usage of the product will help you achieve even-toned skin. Most importantly, the formula is dermatologically tested.

The formula contains a high concentration of vitamin C, which will help you brighten your skin.

You can see visible results after just a couple of days. It might not make your face really light or fair, but it will give you a glow and help you get rid of dark spots.


  • Does not contain alcohol
  • Oil-free
  • Light formula that spreads well on your skin and is easily absorbed


  • It is rather expensive
  • The product can oxidize and turn red if not locked
10 Best Skin Lightening Creams

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