Victoria’s Secret Model Bridget Malcolm Shares Her Secrets To Perfect Skin

Bridget Malcolm

Bridget is an Australian model best known for appearing in two Victoria’s Secret Fashion Shows and walking in many other shows such as Ralph Lauren and Stella McCartney.

She also appears in magazines like Elle, Playboy, and Harper’s Bazaar.

And her beauty secret is rather simple. She says that she moisturizes regularly with shea butter.

According to Malcolm, the shea butter has a weird consistency, but once you work it into your skin, it glows.

She also has another beauty secret. Bridget loves the sleep with a humidifier. This clears the air, and prevents damage to her skin from pollutants and other chemicals in the air.

Beauty from within

The Australian model firmly believes that beauty comes from inside. So, the most important thing in her beauty routine is health from within.

Her skin looks great when she takes care of herself. And it is all about diet and exercise, a good supplement, and drinking a lot of water.

She takes a multivitamin every day for glowing skin, and keeps a close eye on where products are sourced from. According to Malcolm, it makes a huge difference when foods are sourced from natural sources, rather than artificial ones.

Her Beauty Routine

There was a time when Bridget used tons and tons of products, and didn’t care too much about where they were coming from. So, the result was her skin got clogged up and it didn’t look very good.

The first thing she did was start using cleansing water because it is light and not too stripping. It is important to keep your natural skin oils as much as possible. This way, your skin looks younger and healthier.

She also tries to avoid using toner, and keep the routine really simple. Bear in mind, she has a dry skin, so it is easy to get clogged easily.

While she doesn’t get heavy breakouts, she gets one epic pimple that will sit there for weeks.

One thing she always does before going to bed is a quick meditation. She aims to get between 15 and 30 minutes of meditation per day.

The model says it is helping, because it helps her stay grounded, and wash off the day.

And when she goes out for a date, she also tries to keep it simple. For example, she gets her tinted moisturizer, little eyeliner on the upper lids, and some brown and gold shadow.

Tips and tricks

  • When a spot appears on her face during the day, she goes for the tea tree oil spot treatment, a known home remedy for acne
  • Bridget also uses toothpaste on the spot at night to dry it out
  • She always goes for the minimal amount of makeup when she is not working, since her job requires to spend a lot of time wearing makeup
  • During the day, she applies sunscreen and moisturizer
  • For her hair, she is a fan of sea salt spray, as it gives her a beach style waves and effortless look
  • For her diet, she tries to eat a wide variety of brightly colored fruits and vegetables on a daily basis
  • Supplementation is a key, and she goes for Algae oil for the omega-3 fatty acids. She has noticed that when she doesn’t get much fat in her diet, her hair and skin suffer

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