Change Up Your Hair Routine

The new year usually brings on new changes for everyone. We make resolutions to lose weight, travel more, save money, try new things, etc. Why not make changing up your hair routine a new year’s resolution? It might seem like a daunting task, but it’s really not. You just have to pick the best products for you and we’re here to help give you some pointers to get started.

First Steps

It’s always good to start with a shampoo and conditioner that is vegan and made with real ingredients such as organic extracts such as Você. Você Los Angeles hair care products are paraben-free, sulfate-free, cruelty-free, and vegan friendly. If someone takes this much care in deciding what goes into the products that go on our bodies, they’re probably really good, right?

These days, you can find shampoo and conditioner sets that specifically add volume, moisture, and smooth hair. A good volume set with add volume while also stripping away unwanted impurities such as dirt, oil, and leftover product build-up. It will contain ingredients such as sea silk, acai berry, and creatine. These ingredients are useful in providing flexibility for your hair, protecting hair from free radicals in the environment, and boosting the metabolism in your hair follicles. Overall, they help in growing and maintaining healthy hair.

A moisturizing set is best if your hair needs a little rejuvenation. If you struggle with coarse, unruly hair a smoothing set is what you’re looking for. It helps keep your hair moisturized without leaving hair limp and greasy.


Make sure to follow up a good shampoo with a good conditioner. Leave-in conditioners are good for moisturizing hair. There’s also the regular wash out in two minutes or so conditioners too. They both work just fine. Again, a vegan conditioner is the best option. Look for ingredients such as wheat protein, Tamanu seed oil, and Mallow flower. These ingredients help protect your hair while improving the appearance of it.

Try putting some anti-frizz into your new routine. Simply massage through your hair from root to tip to help get control over frizz. This is a very versatile product as it can be used BEFORE or AFTER styling. The best ingredients are panthenol, argan oil, vitamin B, and soy protein.

Let’s also throw some waviness in the mix! Instead of sleeping in curlers or braiding your hair at night and undoing it in the morning, try a beach wave mist. Beach wave mists are simple to use. Simply section damp hair into small sections, spray with the beach mist, and blow-dry. For extra waves, twist the hair around itself and away from your face.

You can always go for the straight look, in which case you’ll probably be using some sort of heated styling tool such as a flat iron. Again! No problem with a vegan hair protectant. A heat protecting mist can be used on wet or dry hair up to 450 degrees and contains argan oil for hydration and panthenol for a glossy shine. Make sure to finish whatever look you choose with a vegan hair spray. Ginseng root and sage leaf are the two best ingredients to look for because they help nourish your hair follicles and keep your hair looking nice and neat.


Don’t be afraid to step out on a limb and change up for your look for the new year. It seems difficult to pick the right products, but it’s really just a trial and error period. Find the products that work best for you and your hair type and run with it!

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