Cheaper Ways to Get a Gorgeous Hairstyle


Becoming a real head-turner by sporting a new look or a new hairstyle not only entails time and effort. Regardless of whether you’ll have it as a DIY task or you’ll pay for a hairstylist at your favorite hair salon, you need money to make it a reality. Even if you’ll have it as a DIY, you will still be spending some amount on hair care products and cosmetics.

Unfortunately, as much as women want to look gorgeous all the days of their lives, they can’t spend more money for a daily visit to a salon not unless you’re a celebrity or just somebody who never runs out of extra cash every day. For those of you who’s always on a tight budget, there are several cheaper ways to get a gorgeous hairstyle. Some of these are the following:

Grab discounts and special promos

When looking to get that perfect hairstyle without the need to splurge more money, watch for discounts and special promos whenever and wherever you can. Do this not only when buying hair care products. You can also use this tip when wanting to use hair extensions or wigs.

A Foxy locks discount code will surely help you achieve that dream hairstyle at an affordable price. Keep in mind that using hair extensions and wigs do not have to entail paying a hefty price.

Make use of baking soda

This is one real cheap hairstyle trick that will help your hair look bouncier. Many who have tried it also swear it results in shinier hair. By using baking soda every six weeks, all traces of your hair cosmetics, shampoo, conditioners and styling products will be removed.

To be able to do this trick, you just have to dilute a tablespoon of baking soda into two tablespoons of white vinegar. Rub this solution well into your hair and make sure all the hair strands are covered before doing a thorough rinse.

Opt for astringent rinse

To be able to emphasize your highlights even more, apply an astringent rinse to your hair for the last time. Use a combination of one cup warm water and ¼ cup of lemon juice when rinsing a lighter-colored hair. If the highlights are in a darker hair, mix a cup of warm water with ¼ cup of white vinegar.

Use half the usual amount of hair products

Your hair is exposed to a lot of hair products on a daily basis. The result is more money spent than what’s actually necessary. To avoid using too much of these cosmetics, try using half the usual amount of mousse, hairspray, conditioner, shampoo, gel, etc.

You’ll be surprised to know your hair still looks just as gorgeous while more money is saved. Besides, you’ll be able to slow down the process of product buildup on your hair making these hair cosmetics even more effective.

Do not stick to one hairdresser

Although going to the same hairdresser for months or years help you develop friendship but if you want to save some money on getting a hairstyle, it is best to try shopping for other salons that offer discounts for first-time customers.

So, if you’re loyal to one hairdresser, chances are you could be missing out on some good offers from other salons that also offer great customer service.

Call a qualified friend

If salon discounts and hair care product promos seem to be too scarce, it’s high time you call a qualified friend. If your close friend is a trainee hairdresser or working in a salon, arrange for a friendly appointment so it would be easier for you to ask for lower fees.

However, be careful not to ask for free service because this is their source of income lest you’ll harm your friendship instead!

Who says hairstyling requires lots of money? Well, with the use of the abovementioned tips, it doesn’t have to be. Remember that sporting a perfect hairstyle only takes diligence, common sense, reading reviews, and exploring more options.

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