Customize Your Vape! Stand Out With These 4 Ideas

Are you one of the millions of people around the world who has quit smoking successfully with the help of vaping? If you are – and if you’ve been vaping for a while – you can probably remember a time when the average e-cigarette wasn’t nearly as fancy looking as many vaping devices are today. There was a time not so long ago when it was great if you simply had a device that worked reliably and produced vapor when you wanted it to, because vaping products in those days weren’t nearly as dependable as they are now.

Reliability is no longer a concern with today’s vaping devices, though, and that means people are focusing on luxuries. It’s no longer enough to have a vape mod that just works; people want devices that deliver bigger clouds and bolder flavors. Most importantly, they want vape mods that they can show off to their friends. Today, vaping is a fashion and lifestyle statement as much as it is a way to quit smoking. For a former smoker, a vaping device is emblematic of a huge life change. Why shouldn’t it look great?

If you want to customize your vape and own a vape mod that you can really show off to your friends, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’re going to describe the four things you can do to own a vape that really stands out. Let’s dig in!

Buy a Luxury Vape Mod That Stands Out on Its Own

The easiest way to own a vape mod that really stands out is by buying one that’s designed to look like a real luxury device right out of the box. You’ll find many vape mods fitting that category at a major vape shop like The biggest vape shops keep people coming back by ensuring that they always carry the latest and greatest products, and that site is no exception.

So, what can you expect to find when you shop for a vape mod that’s designed to look like a true luxury product? Here are just a few examples of what the manufacturers are doing these days to satisfy users’ fashion tastes.

  • Vape mods are now available in more colors and color combinations than ever – and the colors that are available often change from year to year. Whatever is hot in the gadget world at any given time, you’ll likely see those trends reflected in the world of vape mods.
  • Over the past few years, the manufacturers in the vaping industry have really increased the quality of their vape mods from an industrial design standpoint. For example, it was common in the past to see vape mods held together by little more than plastic tabs and flimsy metal clips. Today, it’s not uncommon to see vape mods that use the same high-quality screws you’d find on an expensive laptop. Better industrial design means better durability, and it’s becoming increasingly common to see vape mods that are almost impervious to water, dust and shock.
  • You can only do so much with paint and colored plastic, so manufacturers of vape mods have begun to incorporate more expensive materials into their products. Stabilized wood is a popular material that combines wood with resin to create unique swirled patterns. Leather, denim and carbon fiber have become popular. Luxury materials are the next frontier in vape mod design, and manufacturers have only just begun to explore it.

Get a Vape Wrap

If you own a vaping device that’s popular and produced in large numbers – like a pod system, for example – there’s a good chance that you can find a vape wrap for it. A vape wrap is a sheet of vinyl that’s printed on one side and sticky on the other. It’s custom cut to fit a specific model of vaping device, which is why you’re only likely to find one for your device if you’re using something that’s very popular. If vape wraps are available for your device, though, you’ll be amazed by the variety of the designs available. Since it’s printed vinyl, a vape wrap can look like absolutely anything. The best part is that the adhesive used for vape wraps is usually selected specifically because it’s residue free. If you’d like to change the wrap on your device, you can peel it off without being afraid that your device will end up looking or feeling grimy.

Buy a Fancy Drip Tip for Your Tank

Did you know that almost every vape tank on the market has a replaceable mouthpiece? It’s called a drip tip. Drip tips come in two standard sizes: 510 (narrow) and 810 (wide). The 810 size is more common, and it’s what your vape tank most likely has if it’s designed for the direct-to-lung inhaling style. You can find replacements simply by searching online for “810 drip tips.”

When you search, you’re going to find that the world of drip tips boasts an enormous amount of variety. First of all, buying a new drip tip can result in a dramatic change to the shape of your tank’s mouthpiece, which can change the way the vapor hits your palate. That can alter the flavor of your e-liquid in subtle ways, which can help to keep vaping fresh and interesting for you. You can also find drip tips made from interesting materials such as stainless steel, heat-resistant plastics and even exotic stones like jade. A stone drip tip provides a vastly different experience from the resin drip tips included with most vape tanks.

Mix and Match Your Vape Mod and Tank

The last thing to keep in mind about customizing your vape is that you’re not required to use your vape mod with the included tank. Manufacturers bundle tanks with their vape mods because they hope to earn money by selling replacement coils. However, you’re free to use any tank you like with a vape mod – and you may find that a third-party tank complements the look of your vape mod even more than the original tank. Feel free to mix and match and choose a tank that fits your personal style. The fact that you can use a vape mod with any tank you like is a big part of why owning a mod is so much fun.

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