Discover Five Most Expensive Dermal Surgeries Across The Globe

The popularity of dermal surgeries keeps increasing with each passing year. Due to various reasons, an individual may consider cosmetic surgery. Although temporary dermal treatments such as Botox are available, people desire permanent results. Plastic surgery is the only available option to bring such outcomes for both men and women.

Before going for one, detailed research is compulsory. Once you begin searching, thousands of results will pop up — and you might end up with a lot of confusion. Thus, here are five of the most expensive dermal surgeries across the globe and essential relevant information.


A body lift is termed as the procedure to remove excess reserves of fat while tightening loose skin. Experts often recommend the surgery if liposuction does not yield any visible results. Generally, liposuction exhibits remarkable results, unless the skin lacks the required elasticity. However, a body lift works wonders where liposuction fails. This procedure was considered the most expensive surgery in 2017, costing up to $8000.


Among the more common cosmetic surgeries, a facelift is very similar to a body lift. The procedure revolves around the facial features of the person. The goal, like other procedures, is to achieve a slimmer face with no loose skin. A facelift is also known for treating deep creases, removing excess fat, and wrinkles. A common misconception is that a brow lift and eyelid surgery are part of the facelift, not correct. The cost of a facelift has an average of $7,500. If you reside in England, a facelift is a joint cosmetic surgery Newcastle offers.


Abdominoplasty, or in layman terms — a tummy tuck, is a procedure performed on an individual’s midsection. Pregnancy and weight problems can often lead to sagging skin and damaged muscles. A tummy tuck is performed by first repairing the damaged underlying muscles. Then, the excess skin is removed, making the abdominal region slim and tight. The average fee charged for the surgery is close to $6,000 in the US.


As the name suggests, Nose reshaping is the procedure for altering the shape, size, and symmetry of your nose. The surgery also serves as a tool for eliminating any breathing problems you may have had. Furthermore, the procedure allows the individual to change various aspects of their nose, such as length, width, and nostrils. Due to the delicacy of the nose, the procedure costs an average of $5,000.

Multiple health insurance companies consider nose reshaping a necessity, thus, covering the charges for it.


Women with large breasts often suffer from multiple problems. Chronic back pain, fatigue, and bad posture are some of the complaints. Too much mobility and exercise can result in rashes. Countless women are incapable of indulging in a workout due to the weight of the breasts. However, for most women, it is a matter of mental insecurity. These issues can hold back the quality of life a woman may desire. The procedure is straightforward; removing the excess fat and skin to provide the size more suited to the individual’s body. Surgeons charge around $5,500 for the process.


As expensive as these procedures may seem, it is a small price to pay for better life quality. People today get riddled with insecurities and self-esteem issues. Many of the mentioned procedures have health-related benefits as well. However, before rushing to a plastic surgeon, it is strongly advised to discuss your loved ones’ problems and decisions.

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