Easy Skin Care Tips for Hot Weather

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Summer is now just around the corner, which means more sun, longer days and more time spent outdoors. As a result, you will also want to take extra care of your skin to keep it healthy. Here are some of the best, easiest skin care tips for hot weather.

Always Wear Sunscreen

You should apply sunscreen to your face daily regardless of the time of year. But during the summer when you are outside for longer periods of time you should reapply often and even consider a higher SPF. You should aim for a minimum SPF of 30 or higher no matter what your skin color or type. Layer it under or over your regular makeup on any areas that will be exposed to the sun. Reapply your sunscreen every two hours when outside in the sun. If you go for a dip in a pool or the ocean at the beach, you should reapply it even sooner as water lessens the effectiveness and you can wipe much of it away when you dry off with a towel.

For sensitive skin or people who only buy natural products choose a mineral sunscreen. Mineral sunscreens are gentler on the skin than chemical sunscreens making them perfect for hot weather when your skin is already stressed.

To get a summer glow without the sun damage spray tanning is the way to go. Start at the onset of summer or just before for a natural tan to last all summer long. This is also a great trick before vacation so you look great from day one to the last day as well as encouraging you to spend less time in the direct sunlight.

Go Light on Your Skin Care Routine

In the summer when you expose your skin to sun, heat, humidity, salt water, sweat and chlorine you need to treat it gently to help it recover. Avoid harsh products that overwork the skin and swap for gentle products that still produce the desired effects. You can opt for a gel, oil or foaming cleanser and don’t use your facial cleansing brush everyday. Exfoliate using only gentle products and don’t exfoliate if you have a sunburn.

Moisturize Daily

Moisturize your face and body every day. Apply extra moisturizer after bathing or spending time in the sun. Use gel based moisturizer or aloe vera gel if you worry about oily skin. Moisturizing can help to strengthen the outermost layer of your skin which is the most vulnerable to the elements. This can prevent dryness and irritation and leave your skin feeling and looking better and well-nourished. Your moisturizer of choice should include soothing and healing ingredients like vitamins and minerals. Keep a bottle of clear aloe vera gel in the fridge during summer for an instant cooling and skin soothing after sun treatment.

Simplify Your Makeup Routine

During the summer, you will want to go lighter with your makeup as well. Use only the basic cosmetics and go without whenever you can to allow your skin to breath and repair. Try lightweight cosmetics with mineral or pigment tinted formulas. Keeping it natural and not layering on too much product that can react or melt if you sweat.

Add an Exfoliator

You may think exfoliating isn’t a priority during the hottest days of summer but it is important because of how much more exposed your skin is to the elements. Without being draped in winter fabric your skin is more susceptible to drying out. Sun, heat, sweat, sunscreens and sunburns can make skin rough and dry so a gentle exfoliant is key to removing those dead skin cells.

Dry brushing is a technique that you can use on your body instead of adding a scrub to your shower. It exfoliates, oxygenates and combats cellulite.

These are some of the best skin care tips for the hottest days of summer. Make a habit of these practices this coming season and your skin will thank you as it becomes the healthiest yet.

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