Easy Ways To Add Body To Your Hair

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Fine, flat hair might seem relatively easy to style. Fine hair may only require a bit of drying from your handy hairdryer. All you need to do is tie your locks into a ponytail or low-slung bun, and you should be good to go.

However, not many people, including you, like the look of flat hair. What you can do to remedy this issue is to add body or volume to your locks; fortunately, achieving this goal might not require a trip to the salon.

Here are five easy ways to help add body to your hair:

Use Sea Salt Spray

Do you want to add texture to flat, messy looking hair?  Then, sea salt spray can be the answer to that concern.

Sea salt spray can add desirable texture and volume to different hair types. For instance, using sea salt spray for curls can help define those twists and turns on your precious locks. Adding a spritz or two of this spray to straight or limp hair can create that much needed volume you’re aiming for.

Perhaps, one of the main advantages of using sea salt spray is that you can use it relatively anywhere. Use this hair care product on damp or dry hair, and you should still see amazing results from it. But, consider using the spray on dry, unwashed hair so the product can attach to the cuticles more easily.

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Change The Part

The chances are that you have a favorite place to part your hair. Parting your locks might occur on the side or the center. Nonetheless, it is usually located in the area where your hair tends to fall naturally.

Following this natural fall tends to leave your locks to look flat. Furthermore, combing or brushing to part in a particular area for years will train your locks to stay that way.

Instead, flip the part to the opposite side. This move creates an instant (and free) method of adding volume to your hair. But, you might feel worried that your precious locks will look lopsided. If so, do this technique right after taking a bath or shower.

Perhaps you want to develop a lot of volume from this method. Achieve that goal by parting the side deeply while misting with hairspray to hold.

Cut It Shorter

Gravity might not be your best friend if you want to achieve locks that are rich in volume. Note that the longer your hair, the thinner and flatter it becomes. Conversely, short hair will let you enjoy fuller looking locks.

You can cut your hair a little off the top to make it look slightly fuller. Still, it should be best to keep your hair’s length above the collarbone for the best results.

Some of the best hairstyles for that extra body are bobs and pixie cuts. You may opt for a long bob, but you need to ensure that the strands won’t go over your collarbone. Furthermore, some hairstyles work better for specific face shapes. Consider asking your stylist which hairstyle works best with your face shape.

Don’t Shampoo Every Day

Many shampoo brands tend to market their products by telling people to use these items every single day. Try not to believe every information delivered by these advertisements, especially when it comes to the frequency at which you shampoo your hair.

Remember that many shampoos on the market use chemicals to try and keep hair healthy. But, applying these chemicals every day can strip the natural oils and nutrients from your precious locks. In turn, you might feel your hair becoming brittle, damaged, and flat over time.

Instead, shampoo your hair every other day. Leave a day in between shampooing for your locks to recover their lost nutrients. Consider using dry shampoo if you want your hair to gain additional volume for emergency scenarios, such as an urgent meeting with the boss or a sudden date with that cute guy you met the other day.

Blow-Dry Upside Down

Perhaps, you’re already familiar with blow-drying while standing or sitting upright. But, if you want to gain voluminous hair quickly, flip your hair upside down.

It might not sound easy, but all you need to do is look down while blow-drying your hair. This technique works because the roots will lift your scalp automatically, which is the method that you want them to dry.

This is because drying your hair while staying upright may not remove the excess moisture from the roots. Hence, the strands tend to look and feel heavy and flat. But, if you dry your hair upside down and from the roots, you’re able to remove the excess moisture correctly, thereby adding that much needed body to your precious locks.


You don’t need to spend a lot of money to add body or volume to your hair. Start with spritzes of sea salt or part your hair in another direction. Test out some of these techniques, and you should be flaunting those full-bodied locks for everyone to see in no time.

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