Everything You Need To Know About Nasal Tan Sprays

If you want to get a gorgeous tan this summer, you might be considering a trip to the sunbed or slathering yourself in some tanning lotion or spray. If you’re lucky, you might be planning a trip to the beach. 

However, new developments have created a new way to get a great tan without having to do any of this. One of these developments is nasal tanning spray. 

Inhaling a nasal tan spray could help you to get the summer glow that you want. Want to know more about tanning nasal spray melanotan?

What is a nasal tanning spray? 

A nasal tanning spray is a spray that works in a similar way to some of the sprays used for allergic reactions, but obviously with rather different results. These sprays induce skin tanning due to a cosmetic peptide present in the spray, called Melanotan. This increases the body’s natural production of melanin. Melanotan is man-made but is very similar to a hormone found in the glands, called melanocyte-stimulating hormone. This boosts the body’s production of melanin, which are skin-darkening pigments. 

Melanotan was originally developed to treat skin diseases but has now begun to be used to help with tanning the skin. There are two kinds of this chemical; Melanotan 1 and Melanotan 2. Melanotan 1 has a quicker effort on tanning, and Melanotan 2 is a little slower to take effect. Melanotan 2 is the main ingredient in most tanning sprays. 

If you decide to try one of these sprays, it’s important to read plenty of reviews first to make sure you’re choosing one that will be effective for you. Reviews of some products can be quite mixed, with some users finding that the sprays give them a beautiful tan within a couple of weeks, whereas others report that their tan took much longer to develop. The differences in results for different people could be caused by the fact our nasal passages only absorb around 40% of the Melanotan when it’s sprayed into our nostrils. When used properly, and alongside plenty of sun exposure after application, you can get very good results from these sprays. 

Spray directly into your nose and let it be absorbed by the body. 

Is Nasal Tanning Spray Safe?

The biggest worry about using these nasal tanning sprays is the low rate of absorption, although this is yet to be proven scientifically. In general, if you use the product correctly, researchers agree that Melanotan is safe for the general public to use. 

In order to the best possible results, it is advised to expose your body to the sun. However, you should still make sure you’re aren’t exceeding the safe limits of sun exposure, as this will stay results in sunburn and other harm to your skin, instead of the golden tan you’re hoping for. The sprays are designed to boost your natural ability to tan, so you should still be sensible. Use sun protection, like an SPF, and avoid the sun at the hottest part of the day. 

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