Fashion Tricks: 12 Things to Remember to Get the Most Aesthetic Value out of a Choker

Chokers are making a comeback today and it is easy to see why. With so many styles to choose from, every woman will find the perfect adornment for the neck with little effort. However, once this jewelry item has been obtained, women need to know how to get the most value for the money. The following are twelve ways this piece can be worn for a new look every time.

Move From Day to Night with Ease

Choker necklaces can be very understated. A sleek, minimalistic choker made of metal is ideal for the boardroom or a business lunch with clients. As a result of pressing work schedules, however, many women find they can’t go home and change after a day at the office before meeting their significant other or friends for dinner and drinks. Fortunately, the same choker than fits so well in the boardroom can make this transition with ease. Simply pair it with a mix of necklaces in varying lengths, unbutton a few buttons on the blouse worn all day, and head out for some fun. Getting away after a hard day at work has never been so easy thanks to accessories such as these, and those who are interested in chokers will find plenty of styles to choose from.

Statement Chokers

There are times when you want the choker to be the focal point of your outfit. Fortunately, this goal is easily achievable with the right piece. Statement chokers have become more popular over the years, allowing you to find the perfect one to be the highlight of your attire. When selecting an accessory for this purpose, make certain the choker is thick. Otherwise, it won’t help you to achieve the desired goal. Go casual or dress up. The options are endless when you choose this style and run with it.


Layers remain a popular trend when it comes to women’s fashions. A person, when they think of chokers and layers in the same sentence, typically envision multiple chokers of slightly different lengths. However, the nature of the choker limits the options. To combat this problem, designers now offer multi-layer chokers in one piece. This allows the woman to get the look she is after without overloading her neck with accessories. Women in Southern California frequently sport this look, and any female across the globe can get the same feel by choosing a choker with more than one layer.

Don’t Forget the Pearls

Who says pearls can’t serve as an excellent choker? If you aren’t sure what to wear with an outfit, grab a choker of pearls, put it on, and head out the door. You’ll be among the best-dressed women no matter where you go. This traditional piece has been updated to make it easy to wear with anything in your closet, so give this look a try today. You’ll be surprised at how versatile it truly is.

Lengthen the Neck

Pair two chokers of slightly different lengths to give the illusion of a longer neck. This differs slightly from the layered look in that both chokers sit around the neck, one resting slightly above the other. This look tends to be very feminine, and you can mix and match when it comes to the chokers. Combine a delicate gold choker with a skinny black leather one or go with one in white lace. The choice is up to you, so try different looks until you find the one you feel looks best.

Unusual Pairings

Don’t hesitate to mix things up when wearing a choker necklace. For example, put on a crochet halter top or bikini and polish the outfit off with a pearl on a leather choker. The solitaire bead on the minimalistic string symbolizes everything people love about summer and the beach. Less is more in this situation, but many women would never dream of mixing pearls with a bikini or casual summer top. They reserve this precious stone for more formal occasions. When you come up with unusual pairings such as this, you’ll be the one friends turn to when they want fashion advice. Another option is to choose a modern outfit and combine it with a retro choker, a look that allows you to blend the best of two worlds.

Fill in the Gap

Although it’s nice to show some skin at times and give a hint of cleavage, doing so can leave others overwhelmed with the bare space between the chin and the top’s neckline. Fill this blank canvas with an unusual choker and add some visual interest to your overall appearance. You will still get the benefit of showing the cleavage and the face will be highlighted, but the focus will be on your overall looks rather than simply one aspect in the form of blank skin.

This is also a great way to dress up a low-cut shirt. Purchase a choker with long layers attached. Often, the choker comes in some type of fabric material, and the necklaces coming off of the choker are done in metal. However, this isn’t always the case, so take the time to browse several options to find one that you not only love but that complements a large part of your existing wardrobe.

Go Monochromatic

When people think of a monochromatic outfit, they typically are referring to the clothes a person chooses to wear. However, why stop at the clothing when putting together this type of look? Choose a choker in the same shade as the clothing being worn and continue the theme. Those who love the goth look tend to already do this, as they dress in dark colors from head to toe. This doesn’t mean others can’t benefit from the same type of look in different shades. Experiment with different outfits, keeping all items in the same shade, and see how it provides you with a well-put-together look.


If you are heading out for a night on the town, it’s time to choose some flashy jewelry to ensure you get noticed. Look for a piece with rhinestones or semiprecious jewels to truly dress up an outfit. With the right choice, you may even find you can wear an outfit to work all day with conservative accessories and then simply swap out the necklace for a sparkly choker before going to meet your loved ones or friends. There’s no need to travel home to change clothes when this swap is enough to make any plain, daytime outfit ideal for night.

Basic, Not Boring

Put on jeans and a casual t-shirt, add a choker, and you are ready for the day. There’s no need to add other jewelry or accessories when you choose this outfit. The goal is to keep it basic in every way with the only adornment being the choker. This is a great way to ease into the fashion trend for those who have never worn chokers before, and Taylor Swift made it a popular look a few years ago. Although she has moved on to new things and is exploring her fashion sense more, this doesn’t mean you have to. Try this outfit and see how it transforms your life for the better thanks to its ease and simplicity.


Share an element of your personality with the help of a choker. Simply choose a plain choker with a charm symbolizing something of great importance to you and share this information with others. The choker becomes a conversation piece and can help break the ice with someone you have never met but who has similar interests. The choker may be worn to casual events or it might pair well with a formal outfit. This depends on the charm selected, the material, and more.

Purchase several chokers with different charms if you desire. This allows you to share more of your personality with those you meet and see repeatedly over time. They’ll discover more facets of your personality simply by paying attention to the jewelry you wear, and you’ll always have something new to talk about when you meet.

A Minimalist Look for the Changing Seasons

Women often find they struggle to accommodate the changing seasons. Do you pack away the sweaters and scarves in preparation for warmer temps? Don’t rush this process when the same items can be worn with different accessories. For instance, you may have a warm sweater you wear with a bulky scarf on the coldest days of the year. Just because the thermometer is starting to climb doesn’t mean this sweater must be put away for the next nine months or so. Replace the bulky scarf with a lightweight choker and get another month or two out of this beloved top. The choker helps to dress the sweater up without forcing you to bundle up as well.

Choker necklaces know no limits. They come in a wide range of styles, shapes, and sizes, which guarantees every woman will find at least one they love. The right item can serve as a statement piece or it can sit in the background and provide the finishing touch on an amazing outfit. It’s all in the choker selected, and once women see how versatile these pieces are, they will want several to choose from every day of the week.

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