Fastest Growing Trend: Plastic Surgery for Men in Spain

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Women used to have the most significant slice of the plastic surgery market. Men weren’t what came to mind when you thought of liposuction or eyelifts. But it’s a whole new world, and men are jumping on one of the fastest-growing trends: Plastic surgery for men in Spain. 

More men are more concerned with looking their best today than ever before. The reasons can vary from wanting to solidify their place in the business world or finding that perfect mate more easily. As a result, cosmetic procedures are becoming a widely used method for men. 

There are many driving contributors to why men are suddenly more open to undergoing plastic surgery to get the look they want. First, there is the fact that, in general, plastic surgery is becoming less and less stigmatized. It’s slowly but surely becoming just a normal part of getting older. Have a few wrinkles; injections are the way to go. Are you feeling that pandemic weight gain? Well, you can always get a tummy tuck. Statistically, liposuction is a considerable percentage of procedures performed on men in Spain, accounting for 16.8% of all surgeries. 

Thanks, Zoom

We also have to take into account the changes zoom has made on our society as a whole. Our body image issues are more prevalent than they were in a pre-pandemic world. Something about spending hours a day in front of a not-so-great webcam staring at yourself isn’t particularly good for our self-image. It was a great alternative to getting Covid, but now we know where all the flaws are, and we don’t like them. 

So now, everyone wants to do what it takes to fix those flaws. Thankfully, there are decades of plastic surgery procedures and experience available to do just exactly that. 

There has been a real boom in plastic surgery in the post-pandemic world, and it’s a solid mix of men and women. So, what types of procedures are men getting? Let’s take a look.  

The Top Five Requested Procedures For Men 

Here are the top five procedures men are willing to undergo to achieve their aesthetic goals. 


This one shouldn’t be too surprising. With gyms shut down for over a year in some areas and working from home, comfort leading to weight issues for many people, men included. Now that the world is starting to pick back up, everyone is doing their best to shed those pandemic pounds. 

Liposuction is an excellent step in getting your body back even better than it was before the pandemic hit. However, it’s important to note that liposuction can only do so much. So the first step should be to lose as much weight as possible before seeking out surgical options. Liposuction is designed to help deal with those seriously problematic areas that average weight loss doesn’t tackle. Stubborn areas like under the jawline and the love handles come to mind. 


Next up on the list of top five surgeries for men in Spain is Rhinoplasty 

Fighting the appearance of aging is one of the top reasons that people seek out plastic surgery. The fact that rhinoplasty is topping the charts at number two on this list isn’t too surprising when you think about the desire of most men to look younger than they are. 

As men age, their nose begins to widen taking up more space on the face. Unfortunately, as the nose is the focal point of the face, there isn’t much other than surgery that can be done to hide the aging changes that occur. Even if they aren’t drastic, they can add up over time. 

One of the bonuses of a nose job is that it can change multiple features during a single surgery. For example, the surgeon can repair a misshapen nose from a sports injury while at the same time bringing down the overall width of the bridge of the nose. 


Coming in third for most common plastic surgeries for men in Spain, we have Blepharoplasty or more commonly known as an eyelift. 

They say the eyes are the window to the soul, but it doesn’t do any good if they can’t be seen. Droopy eyelids will age a man more than necessary and can also interfere with vision.  

Blepharoplasty corrects droopy eyes by removing excess skin and fat from around the eyes tightening the area that tends to weaken as we age. 

Gynecomastia Surgery

Finally, in our top five list of most desired plastic surgeries for men in Spain comes Gynecomastia. Gynecomastia surgery is more commonly referred to as a male breast reduction or just breast reduction surgery. Gynecomastia is a condition that makes men develop breast tissue accompanied by an excess of fat in the chest. This problem can make a man look significantly older and not nearly as masculine as they would prefer. It can occur at any age, but roughly seventy percent of cases occur in men over fifty.

A male breast reduction surgery removes the breast tissue that doesn’t belong and is accompanied by liposuctioning any excess fatty tissue in the chest. Recovery times on these surgeries are generally minimal. But, for many men, they can make a massive difference in how they feel about themselves. 

Powerful Improvement in Self Confidence

Studies over the years have repeatedly shown that when we’re happy with the way we look, our self-confidence naturally goes up. So it’s reasonable then that men are getting in on this world of enhancements through plastic surgery.

The job market gets more competitive each year, and men are doing whatever they can to stay at the top of their game and if that means undergoing a cosmetic procedure or two.

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