Hair Loss Causes in Men, and the Best Re-growth Solution


On average, two-thirds of the men populace, to some degree, loses hair by the age of 35 years. Moreover, by 50 years, over 80% notice hair thinning and loss. The prevalence is all in genetic makeup, referred to as male pattern baldness (androgenetic alopecia). Nonetheless, the genetic cause isn’t the only reason you could start to lose your hair. Other common reasons men lose hair includes:

  • Alopecia areata: Also known as patchy hair loss, this is an immune system concern that leads to the attack of the hair follicles. The attack causes rapid and sudden hair loss. It leaves a man with smooth, in most instances, round bald patches.
  • Skin disorders: Skin conditions affect hair growth, especially in scarred areas that mostly lead to permanent hair loss. Such conditions include lupus, psoriasis, among others.
  • Scalp infection: Infections like ringworms can attack the skin of the scalp and the hair. This typically leads to hair loss characterized by scaly patches.
  • Hair-pulling disorder: This is more prevalent than you might anticipate. The condition is characterized by an irresistible urge to pull out hair, which causes the loss.
  • Hormonal concerns: Hormonal changes leads to an imbalance. This can cause temporary hair loss, thyroid glands being among the common in men.
  • Medication: Some medications are known to have a hair loss side effect.
  • Lifestyle: How do you treat your hair? Some combs and hairstyles could be accelerating the loss. Harsh treatment products also affect the hair.

Regardless of the cause, most if not all can be slowed, prevented, or reversed. Considering products tailored for hair regrowth for men is among the popular solutions. Other simple measures such as:

  • Maintaining a well-balanced diet
  • Switching to combs with wider spaces between the bristles
  • Avoiding twisting and pulling your hair as you style
  • Revising your products, including shampoos and conditioners

If possible, changing your medication, among others, can help

With its prevalence, hair loss in men has, over the years, attracted interest from various stakeholders. Today, you’ll find an extensive pool of resources as you strive to deal with the issue. There are many products and strategies employed to deal with hair loss. Surgery, over-the-counter products, wigs and hairpieces, therapies, personalized pills, and laser combs are among the available hair loss for men solutions. While each has its pros and cons, personalized pills win on many fronts.

Self-diagnosis and treatment don’t always work in your favor. You’ll most likely be managing the signs while overlooking the root cause. As such, consulting a professional is recommendable, ensuring that you don’t worsen the situation. While the market is loaded with competitive offers, some promising immediate results, taking a minute to evaluate your options is recommendable. This ensures that you pick a reliable and reputable solution that won’t disappoint. The best professionals take you through a step-by-step guide, ensuring that you understand the process and potential results. Don’t fall for guarantees; while the medication is effective, you might not notice significant hair re-growth as you’d expect.

The hair regrowth for the men’s arena is loaded with all sorts of products. While tempting, avoiding over-the-counter options and consulting professionals for personalized treatment are recommendable. You’ll get tailored pills matching your situation. This accounts for concerns such as the hair loss cause and how extensive the loss is, helping you manage the situation and realize the best possible results.

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