Halloween Glamour with Coloured Contacts

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Add a touch of glamour to your Halloween look with some creepy or even cutesy colored contact lenses. These novel new accessories are becoming an essential in every costume due to their striking finish and totally terrifying look. Viral influencers and makeup artists are trying these products in their looks so why not try it too? Here are some ideas and inspiration for using colored contacts in your Halloween makeup and cool face paints this year.

Drop Day of the Dead Gorgeous

Skull makeup and Day of the Dead glam are always popular at Halloween. If you’re a dab hand with a paintbrush there’s no saying how much detail and design you can incorporate into a Dia De Los Muertos makeup. 

You can really step up the look of your detailed and intricate Halloween makeup with a pair of white colored contacts. Bring a touch of intrigue to your look with simple block white styles that can really change the visual effect of your eyes.

Vamp Up Your Halloween

If you’re a team Edward gal, then you certainly need to be ready to bare your fangs this Halloween. Vampire contact lenses are an absolute essential if you’re looking to recreate the look of a bloodthirsty creature for the spooky season. 

Any Dracula or Volturi creation needs to be paired with a beady set of red eyes to show your insatiable thirst for blood! Strong red lipstick and even a touch of fake blood (if you’re feeling brave) can really help to make the new red colour of your eyes stand out even more.

Feline Fine Glamour

Cat costumes are always an essential at any Halloween costume bash. However, there’s always room for more and it’s definitely within your interest to step it up from a pair of cat ears and drawn on whiskers! Cat eye contact lenses are a great way to enhance the finish of any cat or creature couture that you can create with your makeup look.

Amongst the variety of colours available, we’re sure that you’ll be drawn to the classic Yellow Cat eyes. Become a mystical Cheshire Cat by adding a touch of glow with some UV Yellow Cat contacts.

Witch Please

If you’re always one for conjuring up a magical look for Halloween then why not toil up your look a little more with some eye colour magic? With Hocus Pocus 2 released in time for Halloween this year it’s definitely the season of the witch – webs and spider makeup and more are an absolute must!

The magnificent Maleficent is often our fancy dress witch of choice. Maleficent contact lenses are an absolute must if you want to replicate the look of this famous villain. Pair with an all-black outfit and horns that you should be able to purchase from most costume retailers.


All of the contact lenses listed are available on ColouredContacts.com. They have a full range of glamourous, gory and gorgeous Halloween colored contacts that will all be welcome additions in any Halloween glamour or costume look this year. Stand out on the For You page or at this year’s Halloween costume event with a pair of eyes that will get you noticed across the room! Coloured Contacts is a registered contact lens seller in the US with FDA-approved brands. Shop safely and shop smartly as you pick your Halloween accessories this year!

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