How Long Is 20 Inch Hair: A Comprehensive Guide

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Understanding how long a 20-inch hair extension or wig is can be a bit confusing, especially when it comes to different textures and styles. In this comprehensive guide, we cover everything you need to know about how long 20-inch hair is, the various styles and textures available, how to measure and choose the perfect length, and how to care for and maintain your 20-inch hair extensions or wigs. Let’s dive in!

Understanding 20 Inch Hair Length

1. How Long is 20 Inches of Hair?

A 20-inch hair extension or wig is equal to 50 centimeters in length. In straight and bone straight textures, 20-inch hair is considered waist-length. However, in wavy or curly textures, it may appear shorter – similar to 18-inch hair for wavy textures and 16-inch hair for curly textures.

2. How Does 20 Inch Hair Look on Different Body Heights?

The same length of hair can look different on people with different body heights. Generally, 20-inch hair falls around the middle of the back for straight textures, just below the armpit for wavy textures, and around the upper back or armpit area for curly textures.

3 Comparing 20 Inch Hair Length in Different Textures

When comparing 20-inch hair in different textures, it’s essential to remember that the hair is measured straight, regardless of the texture. This means that a 20-inch curly or wavy wig will appear shorter than a 20-inch straight wig, even though the hair is the same length.

Here’s a comparison of 20-inch hair in different textures:

  • Straight: True to its actual length, a 20-inch straight wig falls around the mid-back.
  • Wavy: Slightly shorter than its actual length, a 20-inch wavy wig typically ends just below the armpit.
  • Curly: Depending on the size and tightness of the curls, a curly hair wig can be two to four inches shorter than straight wigs, ending around the upper back or armpit area.

Measuring 20 Inch Hair Length Correctly

To measure the length of a 20-inch hair extension or wig accurately, follow these steps:

  1. Lay the wig or extension on a flat table or surface. If you have a wig head, you can also place it there.
  2. Use a soft measuring tape or tailor’s tape measure. Avoid using retractable tape measures used in construction.
  3. Lay the end of the tape measure over the root of the hair on the crown, then follow it down the longest hair strand of the unit to reach the end of the hair length or tips.
  4. Ensure the hair lays flat or falls straight from the stand.
  5. For wavy or curly textures, pull or stretch hair strands out temporarily for accurate and more convenient length measurements.
  6. Pro tip: Do not measure the hair diagonally or down the sides. Since some wigs may have a V-shaped or asymmetrical cut, you’ll get a more accurate measurement by following the hair from the crown and going down the back rather than the sides.

Choosing the Perfect Wig Length for Your Body Shape

When choosing a 20-inch wig or hair extension, consider the following tips to find the perfect length for your body shape:

  1. Keep in mind that the same length of wigs can look different on different people, especially those with significant height differences.
  2. Long hair complements almost any face shape but best suits oval, round, and diamond faces. However, long hair with texture, like curls or layers, can also work well for square faces.
  3. Measure your head to ensure a perfect wig cap size, so it doesn’t skew your wig’s length or overall appearance.
  4. Consider the current weather. If you live in a cold area, long full-lace wigs will be more comfortable.
  5. Think about the various styles you want to try with your hair. For example, longer wigs are better for elaborate styles, especially for special occasions.
  6. Check out a wig length chart if you still have trouble visualizing where the hair falls on your body.
  7. If you’re ordering online, choose a seller that offers free shipping and full refunds, so you can return it if you choose the wrong wig length.

Caring for and Maintaining Your 20 Inch Hair Extensions and Wigs

Proper care and maintenance are essential for keeping your 20-inch hair extensions and wigs in top condition. Here are some tips to help you maintain your hair:

  1. Wash your wig or extensions at least every other week or once it becomes oily or tangled. If you wear it every day, you may need to wash it once a week.
  2. Avoid washing your wig after every wear. Frequent washing is discouraged unless you use many hair products or live an active lifestyle that results in sweating or exposure to smoke.
  3. When working out, put your hair in a bun rather than a ponytail to minimize sweat exposure.
  4. Wear a wig cap or liner for an extra layer of protection.

Hairstyle Ideas for 20 Inch Hair

20-inch hair offers a wide range of hairstyling options. Here are some ideas to inspire your next look:

  1. Waist-Length Blonde Hairstyle: Platinum blonde long hair looks stunning on tanned skin. Consider using a wig or hair extensions to achieve this look without damaging your natural hair.
  2. Long Side-Swept Bangs with Soft Waves: Side-swept bangs look great with wavy hair, adding a touch of elegance to your style.
  3. Black Long Straight Hairstyle: Long, straight locks give a sleek and sophisticated appearance. Opt for a 20-inch straight hair extension or wig for an instant transformation.
  4. Scarf Hairstyles for Naturally Curly Hair: Transform any scarf into a stylish hair accessory for a chic summer look.
  5. Minnie Mouse Buns for Black Hair: This cute and flirty double-bun hairstyle is perfect for a casual weekend look.
  6. Unicorn Style: Embrace your creativity and play with different colors using hair extensions.
  7. Wedding Hairstyle with 20 Inch Hair: Create an elegant updo with snappy hair accessories for a special occasion.
  8. Rihanna’s Long Red Hair: Make a bold statement with long red hair extensions, inspired by Rihanna’s iconic look.
  9. Ponytail Braid and Cornrows: Combine a ponytail braid with front cornrows for a beautifully majestic look.
  10. Puffy Bun and Curly Bangs: Show off your gorgeous corkscrew curls with a puffy bun and curly bangs.

Popular 20 Inch Hair Extension Types

There are various types of 20-inch hair extensions available in the market. Some popular options include:

  1. Clip-In Hair Extensions: Easy to install and remove, offering a temporary solution to add length and volume to your hair.
  2. Tape-In Hair Extensions: Semi-permanent hair extensions that are attached using adhesive tapes, providing a secure and natural-looking result.
  3. Sew-In Hair Extensions: Also known as weft hair extensions, these are sewn into your natural hair for a long-lasting and versatile hairstyle.
  4. Fusion and Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions: Offering a natural look, these hair extensions are bonded to your own hair strands using keratin or other adhesives.
  5. Microbead Hair Extensions: These extensions are attached using small beads or metal cylinders, providing a secure and long-lasting hairstyle.

Final Thoughts

Understanding how long 20-inch hair is and how it looks on different body heights and textures is essential for choosing the perfect wig or hair extension. With a wide range of styles and textures available, you can find the ideal 20-inch hair extension or wig to suit your needs. Remember to take proper care of your hair extensions and wigs to ensure they last and maintain their beauty.

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