How to Become a Beauty Writer?

Being a beauty editor is more than just experimenting with makeup and testing various products on camera. Of course, these activities are also crucial, but they are just a small part of a large picture. Beauty blogging is also about writing, editing, marketing, and planning.

This niche is pretty tight, but there are ways to get into it. Some fashion-related bloggers write branded content; the others start with ghostwriting. Breaking into this sphere is not that easy, but due to some tricks and digital features, everyone has a chance. If you dream of a career in beauty blogging, read some tips and learn how to succeed in this competitive but truly stunning world.

Develop your unique voice

You are heading into a competitive niche, which means that you must prove your uniqueness to get noticed. Before you get an editorial job in an agency, you may try working as a freelancer to develop your skills and voice. Freelancing is a great practice for beginners – you have a chance to become more profound without risks. What is more, the materials you produce can be used for your future portfolio of texts, photos, and videos. A rich portfolio will surely increase your chances to get a position in the company of your dream. In addition, you will enter the field and find contacts this way. Networking is everything!

Get used to multitasking

As a freelance beauty writer, you will have to compose articles. However, if you want to move further, get ready to take a lot of responsibilities on your shoulders. You will test new products out, attend market appointments, communicate with publishers, work in social media, advertise and promote goods, and more. Yes, these activities come in addition to writing. As you can understand, you need to immerse yourself into this universe up to the hilt and live by that. The best thing is that there is room for growth and development here. Who knows, maybe you will become a beauty director one day!

Back your stories up with facts

While your sphere is not a very strict and subjective view is allowed here, remember that you are still a beauty copywriter and even a bit – journalist. When you tell a story from the beauty or fashion world, make sure to back it up with facts, interviews, and statistics. Your case study writers, colleagues of beauty bloggers, base their works on extensive research, interviews, studies, and other materials. While your goals and audiences are different, you should follow the same path – back your articles and stories with reliable sources.

Be open and inclusive

The audience visits beauty blogs to find an answer to their questions, problems, and needs. As a writer, you need to keep in mind that their needs are different. This especially true for the beauty sphere – people have different hair, skin type, body shape, etc. If you want to reach a wide audience, you need to be inclusive. Don’t refer your readers to one specific thing, be it a trend, beauty standard, ideal, or method. Beauty standards and ideals change too fast. If something is a trend, it doesn’t mean that everyone wants it. Ideals don’t work for everyone and your task is to provide your audience with useful information, not to set limits or goals.

Stay in the loop

Beauty writer jobs require social activity. People from the same sphere cannot do without one another today! You shouldn’t restrict yourself to one platform/customer. Make sure to have different projects and accounts in social networks, like Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter. Track other people from your industry all the time – to create great content, you need to keep your eyes on it. Read other bloggers, learn from them, and don’t be shy to write messages if you have questions to ask. In the worst case, they will just ignore you. In the best case, you will get valuable information from a significant figure!


Beauty is something universal – everyone admits it. It is objective and obvious, still intimate and personal for every woman. Being a successful beauty writer means to make the language of beauty your native. Keep yourself updated about the trends, but never press them upon your readers. Make sure to read other bloggers and learn from them, but remember that you need to speak your own voice. Stay emotional and subjective, but back your stories and posts with reliable information from trusted sources. Starting a career in beauty writing, get ready for a long exciting path to follow! Good luck!

Author’s Bio:

Susan Wallace is a writer and editor, interested in such spheres as beauty and culture. She writes content about healthy lifestyles, relationships, make-ups, fashion, and cultural phenomena in music/art. Not so long ago, Susan became interested in cosmetology and plans to start a large writing platform devoted to skincare advice.

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