How To Choose The Best Mattress For Kids?

Sleep is essential for every growing child and kid. It has a huge impact on their health and well-being. Proper sleep has an impact on the kid’s memory, responsiveness, immune system, and even their performance in their school. The quality of the mattress along with the firmness level and mattress type is to be considered while choosing the ideal mattress for kids. Finally, you want to buy a quality mattress that your kids can sleep in for a long time without impacting their health or growth.

Children are constantly growing both physically and mentally. Nighttime sleep is quite important for kids’ memory development as it brings together everything that they have learned throughout the day. It is at this time of the day when the body as a whole develops including the bones, hormones, and physical make-up of the brain. It is therefore very important that you make proper and wise decisions while purchasing the mattress for your kids. 

For your single teenager or your single kid you must choose anyone between a twin mattress or a full mattress for they are the popular and best selling ones. For further clearance, make a comparative analysis between the twin XL vs full mattress. Measuring 38 inches by 75 inches the twin mattress can accommodate kids or a growing teenager whereas a full-size mattress measures 54 inches by 75 inches that might just be perfect for a teenager with space to accommodate a child. 

After detailed research into the needs and demands of your kid and also considering their health implications, you choose a certain type of mattress for your kids. It not only should be perfect for your kids but also should support and sustain your kid’s growth. It also must deal with any allergies or any other health implications that your kids might be growing through. After you are done with your research you must hand over your list of demand for the perfect mattress to the salesperson who can then initiate the sales process of handing you over the perfect mattress for your kid.

But another factor that must be taken into consideration is that many times your kids share the same bedroom as well as bed with you. In that case, you need to look for a bigger size mattress that would accommodate your kids without any hassle. You can choose any one between, king size queen size as well as california queen size mattress. 

One ideal comparison would be between california king vs queen mattress.  Queens size mattress is one of the most popular choices of mattress among single sleepers as they give you more room to stretch, measuring at 60 inches by 80 inches it is preferred by the couple who want to sleep more cozily. Whereas the California mattress is considered ideal for couples measuring 72 inches by 84 inches. They are one of the largest mattresses that are available in the market. They offer more space for the couple and their kids or pets if they too want to join them in their bed.

All these analyses along with a little research into the individual needs and demands of kids will help you find the perfect mattress for your kid.

Below are the varied points that you need to look into to find the perfect mattress for your kid

Selecting The Right Size

There is never a set age bar at which you need to shift your baby from a crib to a toddler bed or toddler to larger bed ones. It easily depends on how big your kids are that they need to be shifted. Usually 6-12 month babies are preferred to be kept in crib beds.

Toddlers are hyperactive and might accidentally fall while sleeping thus toddler beds are kept close to the ground so that that impact upon fall can be minimized. Sometimes if it seems the toddlers are outgrowing their beds then putting some guard rails could prevent the child from falling. Some parents are warrier and would like to go straight for a twin bed for their toddlers.

For growing kids, a twin mattress is the most preferred size. But some parents tend to buy a full mattress as they give the kids more space to grow and are also economical at the same time. Some parents also tend to buy twin XL mattresses to support their growing children.

For your better reference, we have some sizes prescribed below.





Crib mattress


Twin mattress


Twin XL mattress


Full mattress



The Type Of Mattress

Once you are fixed on the size of mattress that you would be letting your baby sleep on. You must then concentrate on the type or quality of your kid’s mattress. Though there a wide variety of mattresses that are available in the market but the best quality mattress that is available are innerspring, foam and hybrid mattress. Each of these mattresses has its own set of advantages and disadvantages and you must be aware of all these and then make your choice.

Innerspring mattress:- Innerspring mattresses are more firm and stable and they are a popular choice among all age groups. Their firmness, steadiness makes them a popular choice for any sleeping style. They have a longer lifespan and can be used roughly by growing children without any consequences.

Foam Mattress:- Memory foam mattresses are very much popular and trendy today but they are not ideal for growing children (infants and toddlers). However, older kids or teens might be very fond of the adaptive nature of memory foam. If you choose to buy a foam mattress choose a mattress that provides proper support, alignment in addition to the pressure relief and comfort that the mattress is usually known for.  Memory foam mattress also releases strong –gassing ones they are unboxed, though they are not harmful the smell can be very disruptive especially for kids. But a room with proper ventilation often solves the problem.

Hybrid mattress:- Hybrid mattress combines the innerspring technology of spring mattress for sturdy support and cushier feel of foam from the memory foam mattress. They are very popular among the adults and will be well appreciated by the kids as well.

Organic mattress:- Some foam and hybrid mattresses are made from organic materials which are chemical-free, hypoallergenic, flame resistant and biodegradable. Most of the crib beds are highly recommended to be organic since they are safer for Infants.

After a brief idea about the different materials that your mattress is made of you can then dwell into your research into finding the quality and integrity of the materials that your mattress for your kids is made of.

Firmness Of Mattress

The firmness of a mattress is considered important for growing children. A firm mattress is considered for kids under 18 months old for their safety and personal development. A firm mattress provides good spinal support and alignment that is needed in growing children. Older children can choose the mattress of their liking.  


Though it is quite obvious that you will be more cautious while buying the perfect mattress for your kids, still a little homemade research will help you buy the perfect mattress for your kid. Safety will always be your top priority though various other factors are mentioned above that will help you with your quest. Make sure to shop for breathable fabrics free from chemicals, toxins, and moisture that might lead to the growth of viruses and bacteria. Besides, check the quality of the construction material and the warranty before making any purchase.

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