How To Choose The Ideal Mattress Of Right Size

When you are coming home after a whole day of work, all you would want at home is some good food and rest. You will want to sleep for at least 7-8 hours because it will be impossible for you to survive without a long sleep. For a long good sleep you need the perfect ambiance like the lighting and good smell but most importantly you need the right bed which is comfortable to sleep on. For the best bed, all you need is a suitable mattress.

Sometimes when the mattress becomes old and rugged you are not getting enough sleep and not only that when you are using an old mattress then you start facing many physical health problems such as back pain, muscle sore, joint pain, etc. and also allergies because old mattresses usually become the breeding place for dust mites and bed bugs due to their warm environment. These mites will bite you and give you serious allergies and rashes and prevent you from having your good night’s sleep. Also, you will start facing few mental health problems due to lack of sleep. You will always tend to be frustrated and angry and ultimately all this will result in stress, anxiety, and depression.

Guide For Selecting The Best Mattress 

  • Select The Right Mattress Size

Mattress size is very important because if your mattress is too big then it can also ruin its shape and the shape of your bed and if it’s too small then the look of the bed will look very odd and also everyone won’t be able to fit in the mattress. You must always keep in mind to buy the correct size so that you can keep enough area for yourself to move around and also you must buy the perfect size so that while bringing your mattress to the bedroom so that the mattress doesn’t get stuck at the door of your bedroom or living room.

There many types of mattress sizes available in the market:

  • Crib Mattress: Dimensions are around 27″ into 52″ and these sized mattresses are made for cribs where your small baby can sleep. This kind of mattress can be the best mattress as your kid’s first mattress.
  • Single Size: Breadth-36 inches and length- 72, 74, or 76 inches, these beds are best for single kids or bachelors who sleep alone.
  • Double Size: Breadth-48 inches and length-72, 74, or 76 inches, these beds are for tall kids or two small kids sleeping together.

Under these categories falls the mattress and bed sizes for singles like the twin beds, twin xl, full beds etc. But the most popular among them are the twin and full size beds. To understand the difference between the full bed vs twin understand what their features are. 

Full beds have the dimension of 53 inches by 75 inches approx. They are mostly used by single adults and also by the growing teenagers.

Twin mattresses are of the dimension 38 inches wide and 75 inches long. These are also known as single mattresses and are best for single adults or two kids as they can easily fit side by side or these beds can also be used in bunk beds of children. This bed can easily accommodate toddlers and kids or adults who have less than 6 feet of height.

Then there are also mattresses that can fit couples and the size depends on the consumer’s needs and budget. They are Queen Size mattress, King Size Mattress and California King Size Mattress. All these mattresses are suitable for the couples with or without kids. The popular among them are the Queen size and king size beds. Know the difference between queen vs king bed below. 

  • Queen size: Breadth-60 inches and length – 72, 74, or 76 inches, these are for couples who are sleeping together or for big adults who don’t want to compromise on their sleeping space.
  • King size: Breadth – 72 inches and length – 72, 74, or 76 inches, these are for couples who want enough space to sleep or for couples with one small child so that all 3 can fit easily. Two twin-sized bed mattresses if joined then make one king-sized bed mattress. 
  • Budget Fixing And Avoiding Frauds

One must decide about the budget before buying the mattress as this will give you an idea about which mattress you can buy and which mattress will be suitable for you. You must be aware of frauds who sell different types of fake mattresses or who sell very low-cost mattresses at a very high rate and so it is best to buy the mattress from a place whose sales process is very good and affordable this way you will get the best mattress and also you can save yourself from gimmicks or frauds.

  • Check The Warranty And Lifespan

You must always check for a warranty before buying your product and in the case of mattresses, there must be a warranty of around 7-10 years. You must also buy it from a place where the sales process is good and that will completely replace your mattress within the warranty period if your mattress gets worn out or if you are facing any other hardships with your mattress.


These are the guiding points for you before purchasing your brand-new mattress. You must always buy your mattress from a good place and also you must have an idea about the size of your mattress that you require for your bed. You must properly measure your bed size first and know the type of bed that you are using and according to that you must buy your mattress. Most importantly you must buy a mattress that is comfortable for you and your family and always keep in mind about investing in a good mattress that will last longer and give you your desired comfort and also is not out of your budget. Your mattress should be the best match for your bed that will be comfortable and not is the reason for your lack of sleep.

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