How to Contour Your Nose – Makeup Secrets and Essentials

Contouring has been a makeup trick used for ages. But it wasn’t until Kim Kardashian shared her “baking” technique on social media that it became a thing.

Now, women all over the world are trying contouring. And once you learn how to contour your nose, things will be vastly different.

How contouring your nose changes your look?

How To Contour Your Nose

We said contouring is a handy little makeup trick. It can help you create the perfect nose shape. Whether you like to have a slimmer nose, longer, shorter, or anything else, you can get there.

Contouring the nose is just a part of a full-face look. You should do it after applying foundation, but before you set up your makeup.

There are many different techniques to contour your nose. Today, we will look at all of them, and talk a bit how to prepare yourself for contouring.

Makeup is so versatile, and can completely change the look and dimensions of your face. It is time to learn how to apply it in practice.

Important Notes for Contouring

Here are some of the basics you need to know about contouring. It is not as simple as “let’s get that makeup kit and contour”.

Before we tell you how to contour your nose, we want to share with you some important guidelines.

Prepare your face

Before you can even think about contouring your nose, you need to prepare your face for the treatment. That means to prepare and prime your base for application.

Prime your face with an oil-free and mattifying primer. Because the nose gets oily during the day, matte primer works the best.

Layer the contour

We will talk about this step later on, but for now, you just need to know that layering is important for achieving that flawless contour look.

Layering helps you enhance definition and balance out the symmetry of the nose.


One of the most important, if not the most important thing about contouring is blending. If you do not blend properly, you will not achieve the perfect look.

Blend inward towards the center of your nose, to make the nose appear narrower. To get a more natural look, apply a light layer of the foundation after you’ve blended the contour.

Where to start?

When it comes to how to contour your nose, we suggest starting at the front of the brow, and work downwards toward the tip.

This technique will ensure that both sides are equal, and you won’t end up with a wonky nose. Continue to the very bottom.

4 Different Ways to Contour Your Nose

Contour to thinner nose

If you want to make your nose look thinner, follow these instructions.

  1. Start by drawing two lines down the sides of the nose. Apply foundation first, and then draw the lines using an angled eyeshadow brush. Start the lines at the brow bone, and then go all the way to the end of your nose. Keep the lines light initially, and then build if you want thicker lines. You can use a darker foundation, concealer, matte bronzer, or a sculpting powder
  2. Highlight the bridge of the nose, and choose a highlighter that is 1 or 2 shades lighter than your natural skin tone. Lightly apply in a thin line, starting from the top of your nose and then moving down the ball of the nose. Do not make the line too wide, as the highlighter will emphasize the area and make your nose appear wider
  3. Finish off by blending any harsh lines. You should be left only with subtle shadows. The biggest mistake you can make is to make the product look too obvious. For blending, use a fluffy blender brush or a makeup sponge

Contour to shorter nose

Some women have a longer nose, and they want to make it shorter. To achieve the perfect shape, follow these contouring guidelines.

  1. Start by darkening the tip of the nose by applying matte bronzer or eyeshadow. Apply only to the tip, on the curve between the nostrils. Then blend the powder using a soft blender brush or a makeup sponge
  2. Follow up by applying highlighter to the bridge of the nose. Make sure to stop halfway down. The trick is to apply highlighter only halfway done, which gives the illusion of a shorter nose
  3. If you want to make the nose appear shorter, but also thinner, apply shading down the sides of the nose, and on the tip as well. However, because you risk adding length, begin the contour lines parallel to the tear ducts, not the brow bone

Contour to longer nose

Some ladies have a longer nose, others have a shorter nose. Those with a shorter nose, sometimes want to make it longer.

Here is a trick on how to do it.

  1. Begin shading contour lines at the curve of the brow bone. From there, work all the way down to the tip. Use an angled brush to apply the contour lines. Follow the curve of the brow bone to the top of the nose, and then continue in a straight line to the. Repeat on the other side as well. Always work from top to the bottom, and make sure the line is darkest at the brow bone
  2. Apply highlighter all the way down the bridge of the nose, and then move right to the tip. Extend the highlighter up between the brows, and make sure it is parallel with the highest point of the eyebrows. Usually, that is the arch of the eyebrows

Contour to straight nose

There is no need to opt for a surgical procedure to fix your crooked or curved nose. You can solve the issue with contouring.

  1. Start by applying contour product using a small angled brush at the brows. Then draw two straight lines down the sides. Go for a powder that is one or two shades darker than your skin tone. Connect the lines at the bottom between your nostrils. The whole line should look like a downward arrow
  2. Use a fluffy shadow brush to blend any shaded lines, and put emphasis on the outside of the lines
  3. Now it is time to use highlighting powder or a brightening concealer and draw a fine line between the center of the brows, and then down the bridge of the nose. Blend, and blend even more. Finish by dabbing the sides of the nose near the nostrils with concealer, and blend more.

Tips to draw attention away from the nose

If your goal is to enhance your nose, contouring works perfectly. However, if you want to draw attention away from the nose, you can try some of the following tricks.

The first one is to get a hairstyle that pops. Highlights can draw attention away from the face and nose, while side parting can make a large nose appear smaller.

Do not get bangs if you want to hide your nose, as they can emphasize the middle of your face, and make your nose appear bigger.

Another trick for drawing attention away from the nose is going for bold eye makeup. Dramatic eye makeup will draw attention to the eyes. Elongated wing or a pair of lashes is the best way to get a dramatic look.

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