How to Find the Perfect Fit for Jeans

One of the most important aspects of any wardrobe is, of course, what you wear on your bottom half. Wearing the wrong size or style can make even the most stylish outfits look frumpy and unflattering. When it comes to jeans, there are many tips and tricks to finding the perfect fit that goes beyond just the size and number of inches around your waist find your one true size at today. Here are some tips on how to find a perfect fit for jeans in today’s fashion-forward world.

Know your body shape

We all have different body shapes, and every jean brand fits differently. It’s best to take a pair of jeans that fits well and then compare it with the jeans you’re considering purchasing. Somebody shapes may find certain brands work better than others. For example, women with curvier hips tend to fit into bootcut or flare styles, while those with an athletic build do better in skinny or straight leg styles. Remember: while you might look great in one type of jeans, that doesn’t mean it will look good on your body type. By knowing your own body shape and what works best for you – as well as being aware of which trends are popular in stores right now – you can narrow down your search significantly!

Know your fashion trends

Understanding fashion trends helps you find new styles that flatter your body type. Even if you love jeans, a decade ago you might have had a completely different fit preference than today. And just because one brand fits your waist doesn’t mean it will fit around your hips or thighs. To get a perfect fit, shop around and try on as many pairs of jeans as possible until you find something that flatters every area of your body while still being comfortable enough to wear in public (and not feel ridiculous). Nowadays, there are lots of websites and apps that can help you do just that. One such site is Jeanswest – they have an online fitting room where users can virtually try on jeans until they find their perfect match!

Know your denim style

The best way to find a great pair of jeans is to know your denim style. Are you a bootcut, skinny, straight or flare kind of girl? Knowing your denim profile will make it much easier to determine what’s flattering on you and what you should steer clear of. For example, if you’re a bootcut girl and are looking for new jeans that could really wow in your wardrobe, skinny jeans probably aren’t going to do it! In fact, almost all skinny-jeans wearers agree that they don’t look their best in anything less than boot-cut style. This knowledge will save both time and money while finding your perfect fit.

Know where to shop

Shopping for jeans at large department stores like Macy’s, JCPenney or Sears is usually not a good idea; there are just too many clothing sizes and styles. A better idea is to shop online at stores that specialize in denim. For example, Nordstrom offers free returns on its jeans, so you don’t have anything to lose by trying on a few pairs in your size and style. Another option is to go directly to brands’ websites. Levi’s, for instance, has an easy-to-use size chart on its website that will help ensure you get a perfect fit every time. And if all else fails, remember: You can always return them—no questions asked—if they don’t fit right.

Know what you want from your jeans

Your body shape will dictate what kind of jeans are most flattering and comfortable. Depending on your body type, you may want high-waisted jeans or skinny jeans. For example, someone with wider hips will look good in bootcut or flare leg jeans. A great place to start is looking at fashion trends and seeing which body shapes are hot right now—and if you can’t find a trend that fits your shape exactly, use it as inspiration to create one. When creating your own perfect fit, take notes from old photos and then experiment with new styles until you get it just right!

Where possible go with friends and family who can help you make decisions

In order to figure out what kind of jeans would be a good fit, it’s important to shop with people you know will help you make an informed decision. A salesperson or a friend can help direct you to styles and cuts that could work for your body type. But in some cases, shopping with friends and family might not be a good idea. If your family members have similar body types as you do, then they may steer you towards something that doesn’t look great on you just because it works well on them. That’s why it’s important to get input from people who know their stuff when it comes to jeans—and aren’t afraid to tell you what they think! After all, if no one loves your jeans, no one is going to buy them!

Have fun with it!

Anyone who has worn a pair of jeans knows they don’t fit perfectly all over. One waistband might be loose while another is tight; one leg might have just enough room while another feels too snug. Because denim stretches and shrinks, you need a pair that fits your body exactly right. Lucky for you, we can make that happen with our Jeanswest custom-fit program! The best part about having jeans made especially for you is that you know your clothing won’t bag out after wearing it two times or stretch out at places where it doesn’t belong. How do we get it so perfect?


Shopping at Jeanswest is always a fun experience. With so many different styles of women’s fashion, you can find just what you’re looking for. But finding that perfect fit for jeans isn’t always easy. That is why we’ve put together a guide on how to get it right. Now shopping will be even more fun!

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