How to Rock Comfy Footwear Trends

Many new shoe trends have popped up lately. Some of these have smoothly transitioned from 2021, while some made a major comeback from the 80s.

The good news is: most of them are super comfortable!

Before you give in to your instinctual pursuit of following new trends no matter what, give this post a read. Here we’ve picked out the coolest footwear trends and how you can rock them!

Wear Denim Outfits With Fuzzy Slides

Fuzzy slides, also known as furry slippers, first surfaced in 2016 when Rihanna introduced the Fenty x Puma sandal with a faux-fur strap. Since then, these sandals have been reintroduced by different companies in different shapes and styles. In 2021, they made it back to the limelight.

Ever since they were launched, celebrities have made it clear it’s okay to wear these super comfortable slippers outdoors and even at parties. Some went as far as pairing them with formal dresses. Check out Tiffany Haddish’s elegant white dress paired with brown-colored fuzzy slippers on Oscar’s stage!

However, when it comes to carrying fuzzy slippers on your own, celebrity inspo may not come in handy. They’ve validated outdoor use of furry slippers, but that doesn’t mean you can show up at your convocation party in these. You’ll regret it!

So, we recommend pairing fuzzy slippers with denim outfits. You can pair these with:

  • Denim overalls
  • Casual tops and jeans

In terms of jeans, we particularly recommend high-rise wide-leg or ragged jeans. Both of these will give off a super casual yet cool vibe!

As for casual tops, you can opt for anything from solid-color T-shirts to printed shirts and puff-sleeved tops. It’s all up to you.

Carry Cool Crocs With Long Sleeves & Socks

Crocs were introduced back in 2002 as boating shoes. Eventually, they made it to the commercial market as comfortable footwear for indoor use. But little did we know that shoes like crocs will make it to the trends in 2022.

Currently, we see several celebrities and influencers advocating the use of crocs. They promote this footwear trend because:

  • Crocs are available in super cool textures and bright colors.
  • Crocs are versatile and comfortable.
  • Crocs have no styling boundaries.

You can pair crocs with anything and everything and still look cool. Just carry them with confidence!

If you want to carry crocs to stand out from the crowd, you should pair these with high-socks (preferably knee-length), especially if you’re wearing a dress, skirt, or shorts. When wearing long pants, it’s better to wear ankle-length socks with crocs.

Note that in either case, your socks should blend in with the crocs. Either match your socks and pants or match your crocs and socks. Choosing different colors and prints for pants, socks, and crocs will make your outfit rather disturbing. So, stick to one color and a reasonable sock length. You can also wear crocs without socks, but you won’t be making your crocs a style statement in that case!

Another way of styling your crocs is to pair them with long-sleeved tops and dresses. The semi-formal feel of long sleeves balances the casual feel of crocs.

Replace Laces In Retro Sneakers

Retro means rereleased. Evident from their name, retro sneakers have made a major comeback from history. We’ve seen Gigi Hadid, Katie Holmes, and even Meghan Markle wearing retro-style sneakers!

Like other types of sneakers, these are comfortable, aesthetic, and super versatile. You can pair them with your tracksuit, formal dress, and casual outfit. One of the most common, comfortable, and coolest ways of styling retro sneakers is to pair them with an all-white outfit. Or pair them with jeans, a t-shirt, and a checkered shirt as your outer layer.

But to truly stand out with this comfortable footwear trend, we recommend replacing your laces! It might sound insane, but you ought to ditch those company-provided matching shoelaces.

Instead, it’s a good idea to buy contrasting shoelaces. We recommend opting for vibrant or neon colors. They bring life to the shoes and help you stand out. Apart from colors, you can also switch the way you tie your shoelace. Check out 12 different lacing techniques here and pick the one that suits you most!

Pair Sporty Sandals With Small-Scale Prints

Sporty sandals have surfaced as a surprising trend. These shoes were aimed to assist healthy athletic performance by protecting athletes against disorders like plantar fasciitis and heel pain. Hence, their looks aren’t too chic. Most original sporty sandals have a plain platform base with straps and Velcro fastenings.

However, as they made it into commercial markets and the world of glam & influencers, these sandals underwent some fashionable changes. Today, modern sporty sandals refer to a chic-looking platform shoe, usually with toe-ring and ankle-strap, backed with buckle or Velcro fastenings. The comfort, however, remains the same.

The coolest way to carry these sandals is to pair them with suits, dresses, casual t-shirts, and jeans with small-scale prints. You can carry these with solid colors and big prints too, but it won’t look classy. Small-scale prints look elegant when paired with rather simple sporty sandals.

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