How to Thicken Your Hair with the Perfect Hair Extensions?

Nothing can beat the glamour that accompanies thick tresses. However, if your hair is thin, it can be challenging to achieve the look and style that you have in mind. This is where hair extensions come into the picture. Using a good hair extension, you can pump up the volume of your hair and make it look fuller, thicker, and voluminous.

If you are late to hair extensions, it is high time you understand how you can thicken your hair with the perfect extensions.

Hair Extensions for Thick Hair

If you want to help make your thin hair look thick and fuller, hair extension could be an excellent option for you. Whether you choose tape extensions, clip-in extensions, or beaded ones, they can add a look of fullness and volume to the mane.

Using different types of hair extensions is a technique that has been in use for several years, and it is a tool that many hairstylists commonly suggest and use on clients.

Besides adding subtle length and fullness to the hair, they are also used in braids, updos, and ponytails to add that extra bulk to the hair.

However, when it comes to getting on extensions, there is a trick to doing it right. Read more to know ways in which you can thicken your hair using hair extensions.

Customize the Hair Extension

Most people have a common misconception that hair extension can only add length to their mane. What if you want to increase the volume of the hair but maintain the same length? or What if you rock a short haircut and just want to add a little fullness to the hairstyle?

With hair extension, you can achieve a trendy look you have in mind. Simply customize the hair extension to suit your style and needs.

If the length is bothering you, you can snip the extensions to match your natural hair’s length and use it just for the fullness. Depending on the hair type, you trim the extensions so that the height will make a big difference in the fullness of your mane.

Straighten Your Hair Before Adding Extensions

As most high-quality hair extensions are made with 100% Remy human hair, they will usually come in naturally straight style when you purchase them.

So, to thicken your hair perfectly, you must straighten your natural hair to match it with the extensions. This way, while styling the extensions, they will appear uniform and will go well together.

Less Work for Long Hair

The length of the hair extensions generally ranges from 12″ to 20″. If your hair is longer than 20″, you don’t have to go to the lengths of customizing the extensions. You can purchase the extensions and use them right out of the box.

In this case, the extensions will fully contribute to your hair’s volume and fullness rather than the length. And, even if your hair is a tiny bit longer than the extensions, it will not be that noticeable. The extension’s fullness makes up for the extra length.

Add Rows of Clip-in Extensions

Clip-in extensions are the most popular type of temporary hair extensions used by many across the world. You can easily clip and remove the extensions as and when required. They are the quickest and safest method to obtain thicker, longer hair without committing to permanent extensions.

Prep each section of your hair and add rows of extensions to bring fullness to the mane. If you want to show off your voluminous hair at a party or an event, choose a clip-in extension and enjoy the no-hassle, no-commitment styling method.

Add the Extensions Correctly

No matter how you blow-dry your hair or what products you use, the way you apply the hair extension to your mane plays a crucial role in adding the right amount of body and volume to the hair.

So, firstly, concentrate on parting your hair correctly around the back and along the hairline. Before you get your hands on the extensions, tease the roots gently. It will help the extensions to stay on and prevent them from slipping down your natural hair.

If you are using clip-in hair extensions, check whether the hair is flat and slowly clip it in. Work from the bottom-up and secure each of the rows from ear to ear.

Flaunting thick and voluminous hair is always a dream for many. Even if you cannot do it with your natural hair, stylish extensions will help you achieve the perfect look that you are going for. Be it formal, casual, informal, or customized looks, hair extensions can do it all.

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